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Hisham Ashmawi the Most Dangerous Terrorist in Egypt & Libya Had fallen

Libyan National Army forces arrested the Egyptian terrorist Hisham Ashmawi during a qualitative oper…

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Financing terrorism It’s a real professional business , it looks like a company has a project needs …

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{The Fake Democracy & Arab Spring } Libya After Feb 17-2011

First I am against Gaddafi’s Dectator regime cause he destroyed the hopes of Libyan people since…

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The Evil State : {IRGC} Iranian Revolutionary Guards Aim to destroy Middle East { Part 3 }

Khomeini's goal in establishing the Revolutionary Guard on May 5, 1979 was to launch a military …

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Iran Strategy { 2005-2025 } : The Evil State : "Training centers for Terrorist Militias inside Iran"{part 2}

Training centers for terrorist militias

According to Iranian opposition, about the details of…

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The Evil State : Iran {part 1} "20th Iranian strategy {2005-2025}"

Map photo Refernce to aipac 

In 2005, the Iranian regime established a national document tha…

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Iran in Africa: fill the void Policy , while everybody busy with Syria , Iraq , Yemen

Fill the void while everyone is busy , Iran new policy Iran has always had a foothold on the Afr…

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Evil Makers book , Page { 84,85,86} The Muslim Brotherhood's relationship with Iran looks like a man and woman married in secret

Despite of Iran's domestic anti-Sunni policies, Iran has had no problem forging strategic and ta…

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Forms of Terrorism

I will discuss in this part forms of terrorism and methods

 forms of terrorism.

If you w…

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It revealed recent years an increase in cooperative interactions between some of the countries of th…

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Europe’s failure to integrate the 2nd and 3rd generation of its immigrants into society, both econom…

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A- The jihadist ideology combines the extreme and minority interpretation [jihadi- 
Salafi] of Isl…

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PHASES OF RADICALIZATION 2 ( The Jihadist Ideology )

The jihadist ideology combines the extreme and minority interpretation [jihadi- Salafi] of Islam…

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Phases of Radicalization 1

Pre-Radicalization is the point of origin for individuals before they begin thi…

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