Homeland Security & Corona Pandemic 2020


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 Homeland Security & Corona Pandemic 2020

     Table Of Contents

  • Corona in the ideology of terrorist groups ... Religious interpretations and organizational directives

  •  Terrorist Groups sees Corona virus as a divine punishment 

  • ISIS calls for the exploitation of the virus

  •  "Al-shabab ‘somalia" calls for Rejoice !

  • Corona treatment with legitimate Ruqia.

  • Taliban accuse the government.

  • The repercussions of epidemics on international security

  • Terrorist Organizations Sees the epidemic is an opportunity to "compensate its losses"

  • Terrorist Organzations Movements  during the Corona virus period

{ IRAQ , Syria  ,Europe ,Afghanistan, West Africa, Central Africa, the Sahel, Egypt and Yemen.  }

  • "Biological-Terrorism" .. Will "ISIS" exploit the "COVID-19" crisis to spread the virus.

  • Time bomb ... the risks of the spread of "Corona" in the camps of "ISIS"

  • Terrorism inside Europe “ does not recognize quarantine or isolation”

  • Fears of "Bio-Terrorism" after COVID-19

  • The Triangle of terror in Africa : "Terrorism", "Pandemic" and Fear of Starvation. 

  • "Boko Haram" is taking advantage of the "Corona" crisis in the Sahel and Sahara

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  The Escalation of Terrorism & its connection with Corona Pandemic

  •  Corona in the ideology of terrorist groups ... Religious interpretations and organizational directives

- Terrorist organizations have taken advantage of the global spread of  Corona virus "Covid 19", with varying exploitation, between organizations that saw an opportunity due to the preoccupation of governments with it and thus directing new instructions to their extremist elements, and between those who limited only to spread false religious explanations about the causes of the spread of the epidemic, in an attempt to attract its followers .

  •  Terrorist Groups sees Corona virus as a divine punishment
  • Al-Qaeda published a document through its magazine” One Nation”, in which it said that the virus is a punishment that God has revealed to those who violate His teachings, then broadcast a statement on March 31, 2020, entitled “The way for humanity out of the whale's belly: commandments and revelations about the Corona epidemic,” al-Qaeda claimed In it, "Corona" came to invite the West to enter Islam, and said: "Our universal desire is for you to be our partners in a paradise whose width is like the display of the heavens and the earth."

  • ISIS calls for the exploitation of the virus

   As for the "ISIS" organization, in early March 2020, it published a document entitled "Sharia guidelines for dealing with epidemics," in its "Al-Naba" magazine, saying that "adopting the means to prevent diseases and avoiding them", covering the mouth when yawning and sneezing, washing hands, and not Entering or leaving an affected area, and called on its members to avoid traveling to Europe, due to Corona.

On the 19 of the same month, they said through "Al-Naba" that the epidemic is the "worst nightmare of the Crusaders," calling on its members to exploit the preoccupation of the world and the West in this epidemic to organize attacks and release their prisoners, and on March 26, 2020, they published a report entitled "Conspiracy Theory", which was considered In it, the whole virus is from God and that is enough.

  •  "Al-shabab ‘somalia" calls for Rejoice !

 For its part, the Somali Al-Shabab movement affiliated with the Al-Qaeda organization, through one of its leaders,” Fuad Chungli”, said that Muslims should rejoice at the spread of the Corona virus in the world, considering that it is a scourge sent by God to those who constitute an obstacle to spreading the Islamic religion.

He emphasized that the United States and its allies from Italy, Germany and Britain have tasted Muslims with scourge, but they are now facing divine punishment.

  •  Corona treatment with legitimate Ruqia{1}

 On March 27, 2020, “Yahya bin Taher Al-Farghali”, one of the legitimate leaders of the so-called Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), broadcast a video on his account on the “Telegram” website, in which he considered that there is no reason for the panic produced by the material world, referring to  The treatment of "Corona" is "legal Ruqia, morning and evening remembrances, and trust in God that it will not affect us," even if a person deals with another infected person, it is considered fatalism and the absence of any contagious disease.


-Taliban accuses the government :Either the Afghan "Taliban" movement presented itself as an alternative to the Afghan government, and accused the government of not seeing the epidemic as "nothing but an opportunity to embezzlement of foreign funds", and the movement refused to stop the shooting in the country.


  • The repercussions of epidemics on international security

The concept of security as it includes economic, environmental and political dimensions, and in this context we identified three implications of epidemics on security:

 1- Political stability: Epidemics challenge the ability of political systems to deal with their risks, especially in developing countries that do not have a good health infrastructure, which raises the concern of society, and may push it to discontent with the existing political system.

 2- Economic growth: Epidemics have an impact on economic growth, in the case of Corona, for example,  Wuhan city  considered one of the most important industrial cities inside China, and the spread of the virus caused the closure of factories and stopping the movement of the economy, which caused the city huge economic losses, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange was affected, where It decreased by 8%, and economic growth in China decreased by about 0.2% in the first quarter of 2020 due to Corona. It is expected that the value of losses will reach 62 billion dollars, and experts have expected that the global economy will suffer losses of more than 160 billion dollars due to the virus.

 3- Human security: Epidemics pose escalating risks to human security, especially in light of the current features of globalization and ease of movement from one region to another, which foreshadows the possibility of the virus being transmitted relatively easily. Despite the virus’s origin in China, it has spread all over the Globe .

  •  Epidemic management: 

The general indicatians shows that the procedures that countries must follow in dealing with Covid-19,  are represented in the following:

 1- "Risk Management System": It has transparency and the ability to provide a good amount of information to society ,to communicate with international institutions and cooperate with them in managing the crisis.

 2- "A comprehensive health system": possesses trained competencies capable of dealing with these situations, and finally, working on developing epidemiology.

  • Terrorist Organizations Sees the epidemic is an opportunity to "compensate its losses"

  • The rhetoric of terrorist organizations since the outbreak of the " Corona" epidemic was an attempt to "compensate for the losses", whether by returning to the lands they lost already before , or by mobilizing new elements, and suggesting their "fake power through sporadic explosions." The index stated that "45% of the terrorist organizations' speech related to (Corona) promoted their attempt to revive their new existence , by seeking to regain lost lands or seize more lands."

the Egyptian Global Fatwa Index, affiliated to the Egyptian Dar Al Ifta and the General Secretariat for the role and authorities of Ifta in the world, said in a report released  a few days ago that “ISIS was the organization most interested in achieving this goal, as it has taken upon itself since the outbreak of Coronavirus to expand its terrorist operations. In more than one country ... so it intensified its operations on the African continent through (Boko Haram), and on the continent of Asia it emerged through the (Abu Sayyaf) group loyal to it, and incited to intensify operations in the Philippines and Indonesia, and sought (to expand its activities in) the Maldives , As well as incitement against the continent of Europe ».

The Egyptian Index also confirmed that “ISIS sought to exploit (Corona) to smuggle prisoners” through the incitement rhetoric that had been initiated by the organization’s died former leader, “Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi”.

 Also  "Al Qaeda" organization, in turn, sought through its branches in the continent of Africa (the Youth Movement {al-shabab} in the East of the Continent, and with its affilated Groupsin the Sahel  for the Support of Islam and Muslims) to exploit "Corona" and intensify "terrorist operations", indicating that the "inciting speech" is from Al-Qaeda apparently led to an intensification of operations during the past March and April.

The Egyptian Index also confirmed  noted that “Al-Qaeda’s ideological rhetoric, as has been the norm since the era of its died former leader, “Osama bin Laden”, was directed noticeably to non-Muslims in the West, aiming to discredit Western peoples from their governments ... and to invite these peoples to learn about Islam through reading in The literature of these organizations ».

The index also warned of the state of "the jubilation and enthusiasm experienced by the terrorist organizations and their feeling of open hopes for return and compensation for losses, and the consequent rise in the morale of their followers, or to attract more followers, in light of the state of panic in countries from (Corona)." However, the index affirmed, in the same context, "the ability of governments worldwide to confront the operations of terrorist organizations."

  • Terrorist Organzations Movements  during the Corona virus period

 ISIS Recovery  inside the "loose areas" in Iraq :Iraq is considered one of the countries witnessing a remarkable escalation of ISIS activity in light of the current Corona crisis and the turmoil of the political situation in the country.

On April 21, the Security Media office of the Iraqi Operations Command issued a statistic about all the tasks carried out by the Iraqi forces of all kinds and the losses that occurred, whether among their members or among the terrorist "ISIS" elements. The statistic reported 1060 operations that resulted in the killing of 135 terrorists, in contrast to the killing of 88 security forces and the wounding of 174, in addition to the killing of 82 and wounding 120 civilians.

 According to the official statistics, it appears that the terrorist organization still maintains a significant ability to launch effective attacks on the Iraqi security forces.

 The statistics of the Security Media office covered the period between January and mid-April 2020. This means that the losses incurred by the Iraqi forces have probably increased recently, especially after the series of attacks carried out by ISIS in the Mkishifa area and the regions. Other attacks in Salah al-Din Governorate, in addition to other attacks in Diyala, Kirkuk and Nineveh governorates against the tribal mobilization and the army forces, killing and wounding dozens of soldiers.

 In addition to its ability to fight and inflict losses, field data indicate that ISIS is still able to move in a vast area of ​​operations, after most of its operations in recent months have been concentrated in Salah al-Din governorate in the north, Diyala to the east, Kirkuk, Anbar and Nineveh, northwest of the capital. This means, according to military experts, that "ISIS" forms an "arc" that crosses eastern and northern Iraq.


  • The views of local observers are very much in agreement about the reasons for the escalation of ISIS attacks in recent weeks and months, as there is something like agreement that the organization is exploiting the complex conditions and the ongoing political conflict for months in the country, as it exploits the preoccupation of the Iraqi authorities and the world with the Corona pandemic.
  •  A combination of reasons behind the recent (ISIS) activity, especially in Salah al-Din. The authorities ’preoccupation with Corona is one of them, but there is also a serious weakness in coordination between the operations leaders, so that ISIS often succeeds in exploiting this weakness and launches its attacks through what can be called the ends of loose lands.” It seems that the organization is trying there to regain its breath.  "(ISIS) operates in a large area shared by about 5 provinces, extending from the borders of Iran in the east and reaching Syria in the west, which is the area of ​​woods, valleys, Bazul and farms."
  •  In fact their is another reason behind the increase in ISIS activity, which is that the district of Hawija, which has a large area, has not been cleared after government forces took control of it at the end of 2017. This district, with its complex terrain and its connection to the rugged Hamrin mountain range, is still the most important hiding place and departure for ISIS elements.
  • In my opnion i see that ISIS   has increased its attacks since the beginning of the "Covid 19" crisis.for the following reasons :

1-The Iraqi security forces have focused on imposing a curfew in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, which has cleared the arena for "ISIS" to carry out attacks and take advantage of the instability.

2-  Coalition forces no longer accompany Iraqi units or the "Syrian Democratic Forces" during raids on ISIS targets in the field. “Before the temporary cessation of some military operations due to the (Corona) virus, the military coalition led by the United States and its Syrian & Iraqi allies achieved success in targeting middle-level (ISIS) leaders, as the central leadership of the group had been destroyed, it was difficult to replace these individuals. ”


In Gerneral "ISIS" continues to pose a threat far from Iraq and Syria. Since the outbreak began, it has weakened the capacity of law enforcement or security enforcement authorities around the world.

- "ISIS" has continued operations across Afghanistan, West Africa, Central Africa, the Sahel, Egypt and Yemen. : “(ISIS) specifically exploited the epidemic to launch attacks in Iraq, the Maldives and the Philippines,  spread strong calls to its followers to carry out attacks on the West

-In fact, there are still between 20,000 and 25,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, according to the Center's estimates. "Strategic and International Studies, based in Washington, and this is a great danger because it means that the organization has the ability to reconfigure its ranks."

-According to “SITE Intelligence Group “{, ISIS has established safe havens for itself in the desert of the Syrian Badia and the Jazira region along the Iraqi-Syrian border, and from there weapons are amassed and attacks are launched against local forces. In Iraq, ISIS carried out 34 operations between 15 and 21 April, at a time when the organization was trying to restore its networks east and west of the Euphrates as part of its desert strategy.}

 And "ISIS" published in its magazine "Al-Naba" articles saying that the virus was "divine punishment against Communist China", while in Iraq it was a warning to the "polytheists" of the Shiites. When the disease became a global pandemic, the organization said that it constituted a punishment for the "Crusader states", and urged its supporters in Europe to carry out the attacks.

  • "Biological-Terrorism" .. Will "ISIS" exploit the "COVID-19" crisis to spread the virus?
  • Although  "ISIS" warned its followers not to travel to Europe, out of the pretext of preserving them from the danger of the emerging Corona virus, which is spreading globally, this does not rule out the organization's exploitation of any opportunity for its return and its strong emergence again, through any means, including "Biological Terrorism".

  • "ISIS" previously published several educational materials on manufacturing toxic materials or explosives, to incite the use of so-called "Biological Terrorism" in Europe. based on the definition of "biological terrorism", there are fears that "ISIS" will exploit the virus to achieve its purposes, especially as it includes scholars specialized in this matter, such as "Abrar Al-Kubaisi", who was the "most dangerous woman" in its ranks and participated in the chemical weapons program of ISIS , Including mustard, chlorine, and sulfur.

"Abrar Al Kubaisi" ... the most dangerous woman in the ranks of "ISIS"

-{The Iraqi government on Thursday said it has issued life imprisonment for a female Islamic State (ISIS) member who helped the group develop chemical and biological weapons.The woman, identified by the Iraqi Interior Ministry as Abrar al-Kubaisi, reportedly played a key role in research as a part of IS’s team to develop chemical and biological weapons.

-Iraq’s Falcon Intelligence Cell did not disclose the time of her arrest, saying only that she had been arrested during an early operation.

-“The convicted terrorist Abrar al-Kubaisi, was one of the most prominent biological researchers involved in the ISIS’s program to manufacture and train special elements within the Development and Manufacturing Body of the terrorist organization responsible for preparation, production and use of chemical weapons in the country and abroad,” said :Abu Ali al-Basri”, the head of Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Directorate of Intelligence andCounterterrorism, in a statement for semi-official al-Sabah newspaper.


  • Al-Basri said Abrar al-Kubaisi had told Iraqi officials that she was lured into the extremist group through the internet and that she helped ISIS militants conduct chemical operations in Iraq . “Confessions of the terrorist Abrar al-Kubaisi show how she was tricked through social media to join the ranks of the terrorist organization,” said the intelligence head, adding that al-Kubaisi followed ISIS directions to help in the use of chemical weapons materials in several operations in Baghdad.

  • Reports about the ISIS use of chemical weapons appeared as early as 2015 when local Iraqi and Kurdish forces complained about sustaining dozens of casualties from the battlefield because of the use of mustard gas by the jihadist group.

  • U.S. and Iraqi intelligence officials in November 2015 expressed grave concerns that the group was aggressively pursuing the development of chemical weapons. They reported the group was seeking the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the region to open a branch devoted to research and experiments of chemical and biological weapons.

  • By late 2016, the group used chemical weapons, including chlorine and sulfur mustard agents, at least 52 times on the battlefield in Syria and Iraq, according an assessment by London-based intelligence collection and analysis service the IHS Conflict Monitor.} {Source VOA news}

Photo credit toSputnik International 

-In the same context, the Iraqi "Suleiman Al-Afari", a chemical scientist, admitted that he agreed to cooperate with the organization in the field of manufacturing chemical weapons, supervised the production of mustard gas by ISIS, and installed , produced some of them, which were used against civilians , armed factions , the American army and the international coalition. during the fighting in Iraq and Syria, according to the American newspaper "Washington Post", January 2019.

- According to the American IHS Analytical Foundation in 2017, at least 19 ISIS chemical attacks occurred in the Iraqi province of Mosul and its environs. The US Department of Defense announced, on February 8, 2017, that the organization used the laboratories of the University of Mosul to produce chemical weapons, containing Mustard substance. Previous evidence indicates that "ISIS" has the necessary expertise to manufacture and develop chemical or biological weapons, 

 by seeking the help of specialists, or by searching for a method of manufacturing weapons on the Internet.

  • Thus, it is not possible to reassure the organization’s call on its followers to avoid European cities that suffer from the outbreak of the virus, especially as it is not excluded that this is a way to elude the security services in the old continent, and that “ISIS” exploits the Corona virus, and issues orders to its supporters to carry it and spread it within countries with the largest agglomeration. .

 In this matter the Egyptian Global Fatwa Index, affiliated to the Egyptian Dar Al Ifta, drew in a report, March 18, 2020, to what was published by a recent intelligence document of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior stating: “The terrorist organization seeks to recruit people infected with the Coronavirus, and spread them throughout the provinces, for their use. As a human biological bomb. ”

Extremist organizations seek to use biological weapons to achieve their purposes, according to a Russian intelligence document, June 19, 2019, that international terrorism is trying to obtain biological, chemical and nuclear weapons for use in its attacks, confirming that there are continuous attempts by extremists to gain access to information about the production of means of infection. With those weapons, especially as they are pathogenic and will help them achieve their terrorist purposes.

  •     Time bomb ... the risks of the spread of "Corona" in the camps of "ISIS"

ISIS announced the suspension of its terrorist operations due to the Corona virus, while its followers were advised to adhere to disease prevention measures, but ISIS detainee camps are threatening with a time bomb for disease. Late on March 13, 2020, after a state of denial and recovery in countries that have suffered from the spread of the disease, the official public relations official in ISIS,” Adnan Zul-Miqdad”, announced that the organization would suspend all terrorist operations. 

The organization said: "We assure our allies and enemies alike that we are taking strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus in all of our camp shelters in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other undeclared places." 

"ISIS" says that it may carry out "slaughter" operations through (non-corona-infected) militants, who will wear gloves as a precaution and they will wash their hands.

And the organization announced, a list titled "Guidelines for dealing with the epidemic", which includes advice such as covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing and washing your hands regularly.The organization says that ISIS fighters must also remember that "diseases do not strike on their own, but by God’s order,"  


  •      Terrorism inside Europe “ does not recognize quarantine or isolation”

Western security services are concerned about the return of "ISIS" to the forefront again in Syria and Iraq, and the awakening of sleeper cells, especially its extensions inside European countries that have suffered in recent years a lot from terrorism linked to organizations outside the borders. Most European countries still consider that the terrorist threat exists, despite its decline in the last two years, bearing in mind that there are terrorist operations that have already taken place, and plans that the security services have succeeded in disrupting before they are implemented, and they promise in the dozens.

 With the Corona epidemic, or without it, ISIS is still part of the European security scene, and its danger rises in its head from time to time. The latest news that Germany and France have experienced in the past few weeks is the most telling evidence of this. 


  • In mid-April, German police carried out intensive raids in several cities in the western province of Renania - North Westphalia,  The result was the arrest of four Tajikistan citizens. The network includes a fifth of the same nationality, who was arrested a year ago and placed in a precautionary prison. The group was planning to strike US military interests on German soil, but also target Muslim voices opposed to fundamentalism and extremism.

  • German security sources confirmed that the group was in contact with important ISIS officials in Syria and Afghanistan who were issuing orders to it. According to the same sources, the group formed a cell affiliated with ISIS at the beginning of 2019, and its main goal was to go to Tajikistan to participate in the war against government forces. But the failure of the project forced them to focus on US interests in Germany. 

  • For this purpose, it succeeded in obtaining "weapons" and the necessary components to prepare explosives. It also sought to collect funds in Germany and send it to the organization via Turkey. In recent years, ISIS has adopted no less than 5 terrorist operations or attempts in which foreigners from Tunisia, Syria and Afghanistan who arrived in Germany with the great refugee wave in 2015 were involved.

  • German agencies consider the terrorist threat to be local, and that its environment includes at least 11,000 radicals, including 680 extremely dangerous people, and their resort to violence is not ruled out. 

  • Among them are refugees who recently arrived in Germany. In the past months, the Federal Criminal Police Office confirmed that at least 9 dangerous terrorist plans have been suspended since late 2016, which witnessed the most dangerous terrorist operation linked to "ISIS" in Germany, which is the run-over in Berlin (which left 12 dead and dozens wounded). The importance of what happened in Germany lies in the existence of a reliable link on the ability of "ISIS" to continue organizing terrorist operations on European soil,


  •  but this link is not clear in what France has known since the arrival of the "Covid-19" epidemic on its soil, represented by two terrorist operations, the last of which is The one that took place in the city of Columbus, located at the northern entrance to Paris, on April 27th.

  • { Yusef Tahla, born in France, attacked a group of policemen who were watching traffic under the stone that was imposed on the country, the sites of two wounded, one of whom was seriously injured in the head. Upon searching the car, the investigators found a knife and a handwritten letter in which the perpetrator declared his affiliation with ISIS. 

  • This attack came after the city of Romain-sur-Isire (southeastern France) on April 4, and it was carried out by a Sudanese citizen named Abdullah Ahmed Othman, who arrived as a refugee in France in 2016. And on that morning, he went to the street where he lives, . He killed two people, inflicted 5 wounded, and heard the shouting of "God is Great" during his crime, and found writings in his place of residence that the investigators described as "religious".

  •  In both cases, the investigators did not obtain evidence proving a direct relationship between these two individuals and any external terrorist organization.  the terrorism judiciary has charged the two individuals with committing murder or attempted murder related to a terrorist organization. However, the absence of a direct relationship at a time of "ISIS" atrophy does not mean that the organization's ideological influence has diminished, nor does it mean the disappearance of the so-called "sleeper cells" or "lone wolves." And because it is, it is extremely difficult to disable. Since 2015, terrorism has left 258 people dead and hundreds injured in France. Official documents show that there are at least 10,500 names on the security regulations whose owners pose a threat to the country's security .


  •  Fears of "Bio-Terrorism" after COVID-19

 Experts in the European Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee warned that terrorist groups could resort to spreading viruses in the future, as a new weapon, after the Corona virus showed "the weakness of modern societies" in dealing with this type of epidemic.

"There is no reason to believe that terrorist groups will miss a lesson like this," about the ability of viruses to cause disruptions in societies,”

-Experts at the US National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) said in a report they published a summary of on the Council of Europe website. “They indicated that terrorist groups are already beginning to experiment with their ability to launch biological attacks, and that the use of these viral weapons may prove "highly effective and cause human and economic damage on a much greater scale than conventional terrorist attacks."

- According to what was reported by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, a Tunisian affiliated with ISIS tried to carry out a biological attack in Germany two years ago, but the authorities managed to arrest him before the implementation of his plan, and thwarted what would have been the first attack with biological weapons in the country.

 The authorities took notice of the man called "Saifullah H." After receiving a report from the CIA,” after he had bought on the Internet a large number of castor seeds from which he produced the highly toxic substance ricin. Saifullah was sentenced to 10 years in prison nearly a month ago, for preparing an act of terrorism that could have killed more than 13,000 people had he succeeded, 

according to the judge who read the verdict.The report warned that "all countries are not immune to dealing with a bio-terrorist war," and that "its destructive effects are rapid and could become global."

  • We see according to such threats their is a must for greater international coordination, and called on the European Union countries to "mobilize a large number of human and material resources" to address these potential threats. And the need for a  "an internal communication system necessary to manage such crises."

  • The Triangle of terror in Africa : "Terrorism", "Pandemic" and Fear of Starvation. 

  1. The Corona pandemic came to pour oil on the burning fire of terrorism in Africa, especially in the Sahel region, which is the focus of “Al Qaeda” and “ISIS” in the African continent.  
  2. While terrorist organizations have increased their attacks in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, it is noted that the precautionary measures taken by the countries of the region to prevent the spread of the Corona virus have also paralyzed the war on terrorism. For example, closing the borders between Mauritania and Mali caused a halt. Patrols of the joint military force of the five Sahel countries on the borders to pursue terrorists.
  3.  Also, the French forces present in the Sahel Area (5,100 soldiers) have reduced their activities, since some of their soldiers were infected with "Corona", while media reports talk about the infection of more than 4 thousand French soldiers with the virus, which worries the French military establishment and distracts it from the ongoing war in Deep in the Sahara desert.

 As for the United Nations, which deploys more than 15 thousand soldiers in northern Mali to keep peace, it has suspended many of its operations due to the pandemic, while the local armies have been busy applying the state of health emergency, closing cities and imposing curfews, which gave terrorists greater ability to move freely. Meanwhile, terrorist organizations exploited the atmosphere of fear of the virus to spread their propaganda. Al-Qaeda said that the virus "will weaken the resolve of European countries and will dismantle their alliance in the Sahel countries,

" while ISIS focused on fearful local communities to carry out wide subscription operations and worked on Stoking the ongoing dispute in some villages and cities over the decision to close mosques, especially in Niger, where angry demonstrations broke out that resulted in clashes between police and angry youths.

 On the other hand, the most dangerous remains is the crisis that the Sahel countries may enter due to the virus pandemic, especially when interest in local development recedes, and this crisis began to loom on the horizon when the pace of work decreased in more than 40 development projects funded by the international group in border areas of the Sahel countries, Its aim is to save the population from the grip of terrorists and improve their living conditions, with a financial envelope of more than two billion euros. These projects have almost completely stopped since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving millions of people trapped in a triangle of terror: "terrorism", "pandemic" and fear of starvation.

  • "Boko Haram" is taking advantage of the "Corona" crisis in the Sahel and Sahara

 In light of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and most countries of the world mobilized medical, economic and military capabilities to combat that deadly virus, Terrorist organizations, led by Boko Haram (the ISIS branch), continued to practice their favorite hobby and carry out terrorist strikes against the security services And civilians in the Sahel and Sahara , The local security forces and the army forces of most countries in the Sahel and Sahara region were busy fighting that epidemic, but the terrorist organizations saw that this was an opportunity for them to carry out their armed operations against civilians and military personnel.

 The countries of the African Sahel and Sahara region live in a state of imbalance and fragility in their security system, as the African Sahel region witnesses a large border liquidity, which was exploited by the organization in the ease of entry and exit of its members from some countries to neighboring countries, which include (Benin - Burkina Faso - and Cape) Green - and Ivory Coast, - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea-Bissau - Liberia - Mali - Niger - Nigeria - Senegal - Sierra Leone - Togo - Mozambique).

 Boko Haram is reviewing its terrorist capabilities to carry out painful strikes in the countries of the region, taking advantage of the state of security concern in the Sahel and Sahara region, due to the Corona virus.  

  • That the escalation of terrorist operations is expected, especially in light of the world's focus on eliminating the Corona virus, pointing out that there is fear among regional forces, that the virus will spread to them, which made the opportunity for the organizations to carry out their operations, because terrorism does not fear the Corona virus, and that the belief The basic elements are death and murder.

Comment :

The forms of terrorism change according to global changes, whether in the economic or health situation. The important thing is that many of those who work in the field of Homeland security and combating terrorism must know that the methods of terrorism of stages 9-11 and beyond are over. And the terrorist waves that followed that stage during the period between 2003 and 2016 are the basis on which terrorist groups build their tactics for dealing with targets.

The most important thing is that terrorism always finds an outlet for developing tactics for carrying out terrorist operations. It also finds the environment that helps them to obtain resources to provide it with all the requirements for carrying out terrorist operations.

The most dangerous thing in the next stage is if these terrorist groups were able to obtain the components of a biological or biological weapon, its ease and ability of use would cause the largest number of victims. It is the goal of those groups in the coming period.


 BY: Sherif Omar                                                                                26/08/2020  

 { Homeland & Anti-Terrorism) Expert .     {CMAS/CAS/ATO/cATO™/HECPO LEVEL 4,PMC/FPOS-I}                                                                                                          

Hostile Environment Security Consulting {HESC}



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