West of Libya Government & Its International Recognition!!!!!!

On which bases or laws UN AND Western governments are giving the  { National Accord Government {GNA}  . its international recognition!!!!!!

The west of the country, which is run by the presidential council { National Accord Government {GNA} headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, a government that has not won the confidence of parliament, beside  The Supreme Council  which serves as an advisory board, is more closely related to a parliamentary council. It is headed by Khaled al-Mashri, one of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood leaders??!!

The { National Accord Government {GNA}  relies on a militia group for protection and security. These militias carry out a number of activities, similar to the role of the security forces under the name of { Libya Protection Forces }Is an alliance of the most important militias in the capital. It was announced in December 2018.

The coalition includes the most prominent militias loyal to the National Accord Government {GNA}, the Libyan rebels, the Al-Nawasi Brigade, the Deterrence and Intervention Forces{ Abu Salim Axis}, and  Bab Tajoura militia.

The coalition follows the government's relentless efforts to enforce new security arrangements in the capital after bloody clashes between these militias, which took place in August and September last year.

I don’t know what kind of internationally recognized government led a groups of militias are made up of criminal gangs. Mercenaries  & Terrorists fighting for the control of the capital.

To prove my point of view let me give examples of these militia actions :

-        The Libyan rebels Militias have engaged in several battles to expel militias stationed outside the city, such as clashes last year between the four main brigades in Tripoli, and the mobile national force based in Misurata, mostly consists of Amazigh.

  • Al-Nawasi Brigade Despite its entry into the alliance, it has internal conflict killed one its commander in last July. These The militia attacked a refugee camp full of libyan people who lost their house  in the city of Tawergha last August. The brigade is believed to be behind the kidnapping of  financial director for  Libya's investment authority in last July.In May 2017, the brigade's tanks deployed in the streets of Tripoli to protest against the recognition by Mr. Mohamed Sayala Minister of Foreign Affairs in the { National Accord Government {GNA} of  Gen .Hafter as Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan armed forces.
  • Special Deterrent Forces : In July, the forces released two journalists who had been held for interrogation at the Mitigia airbase for two months.Amnesty International's accusations that Special Deterrent Forces was involved in human rights violations.Beside its refusal to stop doing any detentions without a warrant. One of its commanders said about that issue { "we cannot act like we need  the government to issue orders for us." He was defending his militia illegal detentions activities .They are led by one of Tripoli's most powerful figures, Abdul Raouf Karra. The main task of the forces was to confront crime and drug trafficking. Its functions later expanded to include the arrest of suspected members of the Islamic state. In May, the Presidential Council ordered the dissolution of the Special Deterrent Force, and its annexation to the Unregulated Crime Prevention and Terrorism Regime. So far, the troops have refused to comply with the decision, and continue to arrest suspects and run their own Facebook page.

- All the above mentioned are consider so small comparing to The terrorist Abdelhakim Belhadj’s scandal who has been involved in supporting and financing militant groups in southern and eastern Libya to fight the Libyan army and obtain large sums of money from Qatar and Turkey to tamper with Libya's security and stability to support the country's political Islam.

-I have much more shameful stories about such government’s militia but by all means how such a government can be called as internationally recognized government.

IN Conclusion:

 I cannot understand so far why the international community did not know that the so called {Political Islam} are not able to rule middle east countries. The Muslim Brotherhood ruling regimes in Egypt & Tunisia has failed  as it had destroyed Algeria before .

The same it is happening in Libya no one are blind to know well that Al-Saraj’s government just a branch for Libyan Muslim brotherhoods group . Is it because the ability of Muslim brotherhood connections with Qatar & turkey bringing  Billions of dollars to cover up its activities , and to pay for its militia groups to grant its loyalty .

When I was young at school. The teacher always explained the big advanced difference between who understood the lesson first then memorized it and who memorized the lesson only ???

Its seems that UN & International community just memorized some books of laws Implement them on ground without understanding????!!! Or its that kind of policy who comes first for recognition we do serve them first????

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