The never ending SOURCE of terrorists [ Religious Schools]

Although there are a number of moderate religious institutions active in the fields of education and upbringing in the Middle East countries, there is un-limited number of non-official religious schools has become is an essential foundation for the deployment of intellectual extremism and terrorism among young people, in the framework of the close ties between some terrorist organizations and intellectual groups ,, this groups of religious schools  spreads in some unstable countries, ,  where terrorist organizations dominate the full-states, such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Philosophy of radical education

Education is based on informal extremist religious schools linked to terrorist organizations, regardless of the sectarian affiliations to these organizations,  which can be summarized in a number of points, as follows:

1-Centralized "The idea of the Islamic Caliphate against the concept of the state": this idea "idealism" is an emotional, religious and historical association, enabling them to win the sympathy and the recruitment of young people, they are in the collective consciousness of the young people is a symbol of progress and control according to historical grounds.


2. Redefinition of religion: it is associated rigidly with respect to the formal appearances of religiosity, and minimizes the value of religious moral and ethical manifestations, which creates a case of duplication among the students of those schools.

3-Religious Class: as it seeks this beyond the dominance of state and religious control to create a kind of religious high class in society, and the Palace of public rights-abiding religious schools, which confers on the students of those schools mental image characterized Idealism and angelic about the characterize of religious man according to their vision, a what increases the gap between the self and their own society

4. Virtual explanations: Studying in these religious facilities informal focusing on virtual reading of the texts, events, and education of these schools are mainly based on coping not using the mind, and the monopoly of truth in thoughts and behavior, that methodology is not based on the foundations of dialogue and coexistence, but based on confrontation and antagonism. And establish limited standards for model religious person, and denies others from the Department of religiosity (virtual), and intimidation of religion and evoke the mechanisms that indicate the torment, thus sowing the seeds of intellectual terrorism in the minds of young children.


5. Culture of Denial: Education in  extremist religious schools are into visions & thoughts based on the separation from reality, and re-read it according to its compatibility with the visions of the ideological and metaphysical, and then it becomes both a realistic evolution reproduced from the past contexts, and is linked to the historical and intellectual backgrounds of the conflict with the other in the framework of " ordeal "with the" nation "before" empowerment in the Earth "phase, which increased a culture of hate  and hostility towards others , and for sure enhances the trends of violence inside young people minds .

Map of extremist schools

These Schools are spread in the Middle East , Asia and Africa ,Are an independent religious schools, non-formal, and not be subject to the control of states, based on spreading the culture of extremism and violence and hostility to another, which was exploited by terrorist organizations in the stretch and attract members of the youth ranks, and is the most important States faced with threats of extremist religious schools in the following:


1. Religious schools in Pakistan more than 300 religious schools since the independence of Pakistan,

 those schools momentum in the era of the rule of Gen. Mohammad Zia al-Haq its golden times, where contributed to the supply of fighters into Afghanistan under the slogan of jihad and liberation of the country from enemies, and recently increased in number to 30 thousand schools, taught by nearly two million students, and these schools are popular with most of the poorer classes.

Western media has started to pay attention to these schools when the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, as it contributed to the preparation of the leaders of the movement made its famous extremist radical religious methodology and increased the clamor following the events of September 11, where the school is facing charges of publication of radical thoughts, and is a source radical movements that took in the steadily growing in Pakistan, and it was 10 senior Taliban leaders have been educated in these schools, private school, "Uloom Haqqania House" in Peshawar, and even Mullah Mohammad Omar, he joined a short time in this school, as demonstrated by the participation of members of the Pakistani origin of the graduates of these schools in several terrorist operations, such as the London bombings, and the events of the Red mosque in Islamabad in 2007.

[ Indonesia ]

2. Religious schools in Indonesia: the escalation of the controversy over the extent of moderation in religious schools in Indonesia after the Bali bombings in 2002, when the accusation of Religious Leader Abubakar Ba'asyir – He is a great spiritual religious for many Islamic schools – being the spiritual leader of the Jemaah Islamiah network, which adopted the bombings that killed more than 200 people.


The Indonesian anti-terrorism office admits that ISIL was able to organize terrorist recruitment of 100 young people in December 2014, accusing these group of schools having solid relationships with extremist organizations ;EX [ the Makmen school in Nnigeruki; ] also the graduates belonging to the banned Islamic group. The bombings, which took place in Jakarta early 2016, carried out by suicide bombers: Ahmed Mhzan, and chaste and Muhammad Ali, who proved that they receive religious education in a religious school in Solo.

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