The Evil State : {IRGC} Iranian Revolutionary Guards Aim to destroy Middle East { Part 3 }

Khomeini's goal in establishing the Revolutionary Guard on May 5, 1979 was to launch a military force loyal to the rule of al-Faqih. This entity was also equipped with modern and heavy weapons, which were charged with protecting the mullahs' regime and distributing terrorism and fundamentalism under the pretext of exporting the revolution.

In the first decade of this regime, the Guards were tasked with following up the local crackdown, in parallel to war and terrorism. In the 1990s, the IRGC was also tasked with pursuing the regime's secret nuclear weapons campaign and taking control of the country's economy. To this end, the IRGC is the political, strategic and economic guardian of the mullahs' regime. However, supporting and exporting terrorism is of particular importance to the IRGC.

 IRGC one of the most dangerous international organizations & its role inside and outside Iran?

Since its establishment, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has sought a campaign focused on the assassination of dissidents, intellectuals, journalists, literary figures and opposition politicians. The main aim of these arrests was the Iranian opposition. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and its intelligence branch known as “The Intelligence of Iranian revolutionary”, played a role alongside the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in the arrest of 120 thousand political prisoners.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been a key element in the killings and repression in Iran's Kurdistan region since 1979 and has played a major role in the repression of the local population in Ahwaz and Baluchistan in southwestern Iran.

Throughout the 1980s, the Revolutionary Guards also carried out numerous campaigns targeting all dissidents, including ethnic minorities, specifically the Bloch and Kurdish communities.

 Iran's Revolutionary Guards played a key role in the campaign to suppress the uprisings of 1999 and 2009 throughout Iran.

Its known well for us the middle eastern or Arabs the role of the Revolutionary Guard and its support for terrorism, and this since the occupation of the US Embassy and the Iran-Iraq war to the bombing of Beirut in the eighties, The establishment of terrorist entities such as Hezbollah, the hidden occupation of Iraq, the massacres of the Syrian people, the occupation of Yemen, the bombings of the Khobar Tower and the bombings of Argentina.

 The policy of Iran's Revolutionary Guards in the Middle East is to create chaos ?

The IRGC's policy is to intervene and to influence other countries, acquire nuclear weapons, develop ballistic missile production, establish terrorist groups, and support them to threaten other parties. These are measures carried out by the Revolutionary Guards in cooperation with the Quds Force.

What should be known is that: these measures should not be seen as a source of strength for Iran. In fact, it is only weakness and fear of regime change. If Iran is stable and authoritarian, there will be no need to resort to terrorism and destabilize the entire region. The export of terrorism and the fueling of sectarian wars are intended only to hide crises that endanger the very existence of this regime.

IRGC should be blacklisted and expelled from the entire Middle East. I see that the comprehensive sanctions are not enough cause Terrorist attacks and the killing of innocents in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries are still going on under the supervision of IRGC .

Where ever, there is a major crises in the Middle East. It refers directly to the presence of The Revolutionary Guards stationed in that area ?

The IRGC has the primary role in determining the foreign policies of the Irainian’s regime, while Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has the final word on all matters of national security and foreign affairs. Therefore, we find that the IRGC has wide authority to carry out Khamenei's orders abroad.

The Revolutionary Guard has controlled Iran's relations with regional countries. Embassies in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen are under the supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The wide scope of the IRGC's involvement cannot be denied its involvement in the occupation of four specific countries in the region, namely Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. At least five other countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi ,Kuwait,UAE  are targets for Iran's interference in its internal affairs. The Revolutionary Guards point to the creation of terrorist branches or spy cells or networks in up to 12 countries.

One of the most lethal ways for the Revolutionary Guard to implement its policy is to recruit Shiites to establish its militias.

In my opinion that  since more than 30 years  the western world and united states policies against Iran  failed  to placate Iran , Specially the former US administration  have used the most destructive policy towards  the Middle East region which resulted to increasing Tehran's influence in the Middle East .

the IRGC must be blacklisted and placed under severe sanctions. These measures must be implemented immediately and there is no room for gaps or retreat. Plus the Iranian Revolutionary Guards must be expelled from Syria, Iraq and other regional countries parallel to the new sanctions, only in such a scenario could stop Iran's expansionist policies and threats and destructive intervention in the Middle East.

BY: Sherif Omar


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