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Terrorism Stars { 2 }

The terror stars who lives in Europ

Although the world is busy with Covid-19. However, we should not forget our enemies who live with us in our countries. Some of them enjoy protection in some countries. Others live under the status of a political refugee. The strange thing is that most of them are convicted judicially on clear charges in their countries which

are not subject to suspicions or doubts that they are first class terrorists.

The strangest thing is that they still support terrorism and are proud of that under the skies of countries who are fighting terrorism.

Therefore, we decided to start mentioning them one by one in reports. We will release it every 3 days.


YOUSSEF NADA { Joseph Nada - يوسف ندا)

Personal Data :

Full Name : Youssef Mostafa Ali Nada. born in Egypt - Alexandria city  in 1931, one of the historical leaders of the Terrrosit  Muslim Brotherhood organzation

He holds Italian citizenship, and resides in the Italian Campiona - Switzerland & he obtained Tunisian citizenship during the Era of his friend, President Habib Bourguiba, in 1960s.

He is considered the godfather of the Brotherhood inside Europe, He has contributed to the consolidation of the Brotherhood’s relationship with many European institutions , countries and played a prominent role within the group over the past three decades.

Background :

He was arrested with many of the Muslim Brotherhood after being accused of attempting to assassinate Gamal Abdel Nasser in  Mansheya Square  Alexandria city  in October 1954, he spent nearly two years in prison and was released in April 1956.

He started his commercial activities after his release from the prison and completed his university studies from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University.

In August 1960, Nada decided to emigrate from Egypt, so he went to Libya at the beginning and then to Austria, where his commercial activity began expanding between the two countries, until the end of the sixties he was nicknamed the king of cement in the Mediterranean.

Nada managed to escape from Libya when the Al-Fateh revolution started September 1969 to Greece,  then moved to reside in the Italian (Campiona) which is located within the Swiss border, and still resides there until now.

Activities :

Connections with Terrorism

28 years before the leaked Panama documents appeared , the Muslim Brotherhood was well aware of this game, especially when the Muslim Brotherhood leader "Yusuf Nada" and his partner "GHALEB Hamt" established what was known as the Islamic "  EL-TAQWA BANK" IN BAHAMS ISLANDS , which worked to launder the Brotherhood's money and put it in Investment business out of the sight of Arab governments, and returning them again in the form of terrorist acts.


All eyes opened  to this bank in 1998 when it was discovered the connection of Ahmed Idris Nasruddin, one of the bank’s founders, to the bombings of the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and how he used the money of this bank to establish the “Islamic Center in Milan”, which was a European station for the recruitment of members of Al Qaeda, At this point,

Youssuf Nada will suddenly declare bankruptcy of the bank, even though his capital was only 4 years before the bankruptcy declaration, estimated at 259 million US dollars.

 In 2001, the bank’s link in financing the September attacks was seen by a number of” Osama bin Laden’s assistants”  who worked for the bank. In 2005, the bank’s link was discovered to “Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi “and” Khader Abu Hoshar “ after they planned terrorist attacks on tourists in Jordan, which killed 59 people. Among them is the international director Mustafa El Akkad, the director of the films Al-Resala and Omar Al-Mukhtar.

 The bank was closed in 2001 by an international resolution from the UN Security Council after accusations of supporting and financing terrorism .

Connections with IRAN

Leaks of Iranian intelligence documents, published by the American website "The Intercept", revealed information about Turkey hosting a meeting between the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Brotherhood to work against Saudi Arabia in Yemen in 2014.

The leaks indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood delegation included 3 of its most prominent Egyptian leaders in exile, namely “Ibrahim Munir, Mahmoud al-Ibyari and Youssef Nada.”

Nada had strong ties with Iran, and he was the liaison and coordinator of communication between the Muslim Brotherhood organization and Iran since the 1979, and he was at the head of a delegation of Brotherhood leaders who traveled to Tehran in 1979 to congratulate Khomeini on the success of the revolution and taking over the rule of Iran. On one of these visits, Youssef Nada spoke according to orders issued to him personally by General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood’s  “Omar Tlemceni”, with Khomeini about the need for the Brotherhood to have an association in Iran, and Khomeini agreed, he said that he was affected by the ideas and ideloolgy of Hassan al-Banna the founder of the muslim brotherhood organzation .

In Conclusion :

Despite what was said about dropping the charge of financing terrorism against youssef nada . Or, the Swiss authorities did not find any documents to support these charges when youssef nada’s house was raided.

However, we cannot be so naive to believe the innocence of an official working in a group with a long history of terrorism. Rather, it is the umbrella from which all terrorist groups emerged from which they still adopt the ideas of that group. Moreover, the books of the Muslim Brotherhood are a constitution for terrorism.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been professional in underground work for 80 years. So easy for them to hide any relationship Yusuf Nada has with the financing of terrorism ....


 By : SHERIF OMAR                                                                                      26/04/2020


HESC-Hostile Environment Security Consulting co.


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