Terrorism Stars { 1 } The terror stars who lives in Europe [ Hani al-Sibai }

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Terrorism Stars { 1 }

The terror stars who lives in Europe


Although the world is busy with Covid-19. However, we should not forget our enemies who live with us in our countries. Some of them enjoy protection in some countries. Others live under the status of a political refugee. The strange thing is that most of them are convicted judicially on clear charges in their countries which

are not subject to suspicions or doubts that they are first class terrorists.

The strangest thing is that they still support terrorism and are proud of that under the skies of countries who are fighting terrorism.

Therefore, we decided to start mentioning them one by one in reports. We will release it every 3 days.









1- Hani al-Sibai - (هاني السباعي)

Al-Sibai lives in Hammersmith in West London .


Al-Sibai was born in1961 - Qalyubia Governorate (east of Egypt). He joined the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, then left because of his refusal to study statues, then joined the Faculty of Law and graduated there, Since then he joined  the Islamic Jihad Organization in1990 .

He is Known for his defense of Terrorist groups at  the Supreme State Security Courts,  he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “ الجمعية الشرعية "Legislative Assembly" in the city of Al-Qanater, from 1987 to 1990.

He was affected by  the "Takfir wal Hijra" group Radical idealogy  in 1977, and by the speeches of the so-called Muhammad Jamil Ghazi at Al-Aziz mosque .

Al-Sibai participated in 1979 islamic campaigns to recruit  youth sending them to Afghanistan to confront the Soviet Union.

 His activity increased with the jihad organization, and he was arrested after the assassination of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment  in the attempt to assassinate the former Egyptian Prime Minister” Atef Sedky”, in 1993, then he  managed to escape to London,

Also Due to his heavy involvement in helping terrorists who flee from Afghanistan to Albania ,  He was sentenced  in the "Returnees from Albania" case in 1998.


Despite of the British authorities refused to grant him political asylum the first time in 1994, for reasons related to national security, and he was imprisoned in 1998 waiting  for  deportation, but he lied and  used human rights laws to stop his deportation after he told officials that he was tortured in Egypt because of his work as a lawyer for Islamic groups, and his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood group  .  since the British human rights laws does not allow the deportation of a suspect to any country, so the UK granted him the situation of political  asylum refugee .

In that point i have to mention { In October 2017, Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, according to the British newspaper "Telegraph", revealed the name of the Egyptian Hani El Sibai, that Mr. Blair  failed to deport him from the United Kingdom 20 years ago cause Hani El Sibai has a broad influence on militant terrorists, where the newspaper said at the time that Blair published a report “ identified Hani al-Sibai has linked with 13 takfiris, including Muhammad Imwazi, also known as the jihadist John, and al-Shafi al-Sheikh, both of the so-called "Beatles" group of British jihadists in the terrorist organization ISIS, as is suspected of his relations with Saifuddin. Rizki, who killed tourists on the beach in Tunisia  2015.


Hani al sibai activities in UK

He currently operates under the guise of a center called Al-Maqrizi Center for Historical Studies, which is funded entirely by Qatari and Turkish associations, in addition to that he is the official spokesman for Al Qaeda in Europe.

He uses his Al-Maqrizi Center as a cover to support terrorist organizations and cells in Europe, financially and humanly, through bank transfers that are sent to him from various entities and associations supported by Qatar and Turkey.

The "London Front" led by him is one of the fronts in breeding takfiris by attracting and influencing young people, in an effort to include them in the fighting camps in Syria, Iraq, Libya and others.

Hani Al-Sibai is one of six people linked to an international network of leaders of groups of Takfiri cells inside Europe, namely,” Abu Hamza Al-Masry”,” Abdullah Al-Faisal”,” Abu Qatada Al-Filastani”,” Omar Bakri Muhammad”, and “Anjum Chaudhry”.

The British authorities accused him in mid-2014 of financing extremist networks and groups in London, according to a report published in 2017, "The Sunday Telegraph", that the British security services had conducted investigations into the connection between Hani Al-Sibai and a terrorist network in West London, and it is believed that Al-Sibai, is The main character behind the influence on a number of young British men who joined terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq, and in another lawsuit, Sibai was charged with providing material supporting al-Qaeda and conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

Al-Sebaei contributed to the founding of the so-called "London Sons" cell, affiliated with Osama bin Laden, and its members were sent to extremist training camps in Somalia, and they were called back to the United Kingdom to launch attacks.

On the other side the “ The European Commission  for Sanctions Committee confirmed that Hani Al-Sibai "provided material support to Al Qaeda, plotted to launch terrorist acts, and traveled to several countries with false identity papers, as he received military training, and was connected to cells and groups supporting  terrorist operations in different countries,

He also directed others to travel to Afghanistan to participate in the fighting with Al Qaeda, and he used a website to support terrorist acts, but Britain prevented his arrest and deportation to Egypt, because of his involvement in the assassinations inside Egypt in the 1990s.

Leaked Secret documents

According to  that documents leaked in 2010, it revealed that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry used secret documents to persuade the United States not to remove the leader of the jihad organization Hani al-Sibai from the list of the United Nations Committee for "Al Qaeda" and "Taliban" sanctions.

The Egyptian request came at a meeting with US officials in August 2009.

The leaked documents said that he plays the role of Ayman al-Zawahiri’s right arm in Europe, and recruits terrorists for the organization.

In response to American questions about the attempts to remove al-Sibai from the terrorist list, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry presented a set of documents containing information about the terrorist leader, including two documents sent by the American embassy in Cairo to the US State Department in Washington on July 26, 2009.

One of those documents said that Takfiri, Hani al-Sibai, is a prominent leader in the "Al Qaeda and Egyptian Jihad" organization, and that he was involved in recruiting young people for the benefit of these organizations, in addition to helping them in planning, financing, and supporting their activities.

The document added that the Egyptian Foreign Ministry considered that Al-Sibai should remain on the sanctions list as a fugitive from justice, and that he promoted extremist ideas among Egyptians before leaving the country.

While another document sent by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to the American embassy referred to several reports stating that Al-Sibai traveled to different countries using forged documents in pursuit of military training.

The document holds an accusation that El Sibai and "Al-Maqrizi" Center for Historical Studies in London are  promoting extremist ideas via the Internet in order to encourage terrorist acts.

The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood and political islam in Egypt

Since the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood tyronic reguim , al sibai has sent  hundreds of incitement messages of violence and demobilization against the Egyptian state .

He added in his messages: "Egypt must turn to be like Syria, there is no other option, so gather your command, O youth of Islam, organize your ranks, start hostilities, and let the masses go out to control the government headquarters and centers throughout Egypt, in parallel with your combat operations."

Shortly afterwards, he published on his website a message containing a list of assassinations of (37) Egyptian political and media personalities, under the pretext of treason, the war against Islam and Muslims, and the overthrow of the Islamic state.

In the forefront were President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, Counselor Adly Mansour, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria.

At on of his recent appearance of the terrorist Hani El Sebaei,  he defended the terrorist Hisham Ashmawy,{1} came after Egypt received him from the Libyan authorities,

 Al sibai was attacking the Egyptian state and its institutions defending  the terrorist “Hicham Ashmawi “, using the same phrases and words that foreign media tried to market and failed when some English newspapers  and Muslim Brotherhood websites sought to market Hisham Ashmawi as a political prominent opponent .


Refer to my article about the terrorist HISHAM ASHMAWI



To ask the question about the legality of AL Sibai residency  in Britain, especially with his incitement to violence and extremism, above he as a terrorist took advantage of  a mosque in the British capital .

In Spite of al Sibai role in terrroism activities even the british security services knew well about it , he still lives freely in london ,,,,


By : SHERIF OMAR                                                                                      21/04/2020


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