Tactical Military Operation Analysis-EGYPT

First I have to thank France and Russia for their cooperation and help regarding that Military operation in El-Wahat Bahariyah {Oasis desert} Egypt .

The role of Russian & French Military’s satellites in liberating the Egyptian captain, who was liberated by the Egyptian forces which resulted killing all terrorist,

Russian & French Satellites had provided a series of pictures during the rehabilitation process carried out by joint forces of the army and police to liberate Captain Mohammed Al-Hayes and avenge the martyrs of Operation Oasis.{1}

That operation had two main parts, both of which are more important than the other.

1.     The first is to prevent the escape of the militants and eliminate them.

2.     The second is to determine the fate of the captive Capt. Muhammad al-Hayes, alive or dead.

It has been confirmed that the coordination between the police, army and intelligence’s forces, all began working as groups of the Operations and satellite images of Egyptian, Russian and French

 Along with accurate information been provided by Intelligence and national security , Has managed to  siege and isolate the terrorists first group of 13 armed and liquidated in western Assiut city desert ,so they won’t be able to reach Libyan boarders and the other operation aim was with elements and cut the support from Libya so terrorist main group cannot escape with the kidnapped office

 The Terrorist’s command in Darnah – Libya has ordered six vehicles equipped with medium weapons, anti-aircraft guns and a medical team to ensure the arrival of the prisoner alive. The mobile site was identified and destroyed by planes before reaching the border. , And became the first information to the presence of Captain Hayes alive, the process of locating the target and confirmed through satellite images, then second step began transferring of special forces near the terrorists location ,

they been formed into 3 groups infiltrated at night for a distance of 20 to 50 meters from The goal and covered and camouflaged under the sand.

 The Terrorist group were divided as follows :

1.     Three vehicles in readiness, especially the vehicle carrying the anti-aircraft aircraft, low and medium altitude,

2.     The second group in rest,

3.     The third group hiding behind a high hill along with the kidnapped injured officer 

 The Terrorists militants were accurately positioned themselves between 3 Hills hidden from the eyes and an open sandy area reveals any movement of troops. Also they been wearing camouflage uniforms looks like Egyptian army uniforms, as a response to that The Egyptian forces has changed their uniform colors .

In zero hour Egyptian forces launched aircraft missiles and special kind of bombs with a limited destruction in order to secure the ground troops from being hit by the shrapnel

 the missiles been launched from a long distance , same time the forces began to move from under the sand to defeat the four gunmen guarding the captured police officer ,also freed and protect him from air strike

 With the destruction of three vehicles after the missile hit, the Special Forces managed to capture the terrorists who trying to escape of the strike,

The Satellites has monitored other terrorist group far from this site around 12 kilometers hiding between the mountains , as per intelligence sources the number terrorists was up to 100 it was a terrorist training center , the Air force had stroked the center heavily and killed them all.

Operation results:

·        The captured officer alive ,been moved to the Military hospital , he is in good health now

·        Big number of terrorists been killed and captured, will be a good source of information to Egyptian national security after the interrogation .

·        BY Capturing and killing that number of terrorists their command in Darna or whom are in control will know well its hard for them to take the same steps again.

·        It is so clear that the supporters of those terrorist are an intelligences for a countries cause who chose those locations in desert must use Satellites ,that kind of operation , planning and weapons are only available for states armies !!!???

·        Well finally Egypt been saved from many terrorist activities was planned previously ,

·        Finally rest in peace for the souls of 16 Egyptian officers and soldiers died in the first operation 17 days ago , your colleagues had taken revenge for you , Rest in peace for the souls of Americans who died in the USA 3 days ago ,

·        We know well who are after those terrorists , who supports them by money , weapons and training . one last message Darna or gafra in Libya are not so far from the long hands of Egypt , next time the punish will be more heavy ????!!!

By Sherif Omar


Referance : {1}Al-Ahram news Paper 

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