SECURITY Awareness

Security tips : 
Ten general signs applies to whom will carry out a terrorist operation, whether calculated on an Islamic or non-Islamic organizations.
All or some of these signs apply to suicide, and stressed that those actions remain a theoretical question, since it is different when direct confrontation with the event, similar to what happened in many terrorist attacks .

EX : The belonging to organize "ISIS" terrorist . The organization has the financial capacity and intelligence uses dozens of languages for recruitment, and defines the functions and function of each component in the organization, it recruits and that suicide and other administrative and so on.
some of the extremists ideologically is enmeshed in terrorist acts, who be included in the counseling programs, deceiving program implementers to demonstrate to abandon its extremist ideology, to improve the chances of their exit from the prison, and then join extremist groups, has been carrying out terrorist operations.

Signs expose suicide
Wear inappropriate : If the clothes are different from the others make the wearer as if to be very wide or heavy, despite the hot weather.

Walking : the way are usually strange because of the explosives carried by or handling of narcotic weight.

Facial markings: emotion, tension, anxiety, severe sweating, spasm of the facial muscles.

Breathing :accelerated way: as a result of rapid heartbeat.

EYE LOOKING : fixed way forward towards the goal, He do not turn right or left.
Lip : Some moving his lips ahead of the implementation process of either experiencing or Mumbling certain (adhkaar) means some words the terrorist he say before he start doing the act .

Blasting method: some terrorists carrying explosives in a bag or box, or something similar.

Ignore the call : He never answer or look at any one try to talk with him .

Face Marks : Terrorist who shave his beard before the operation to not to raise suspicions, gaining a place for his beard a lighter color than the rest of the skin.

while suspected terrorist , Act normally 
- Notify Security immediately.
- Warn others. 
- Stay away quickly as fast as you can from the site of the blast .


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