Red Alert : Iran Dirty War had Started ,2 Tons of Raw Heroin had been captured by Egyptian forces in Red Sea

Last week Egyptian Navy in co-operation with the Office of Drug Control has arrested a boat raising Iranian Flag & all crew members were Iranian nationals carrying 2 tons of Raw Heroin plus 99 kg of ICE drugs. 

That shipment of heroin if mixed it will be enough to prepare around 160 million doses

Iranian crew captured by Egyptian navy

I think it’s the new level of Iranian state terrorism, due to USA’s sanctions, Iran had started its new strategy by Dumping Arab countries and Europe with a large quantity of drugs. To reach the greatest destruction of minds. I think it is necessary for Europe, especially the Mediterranean-sea countries, to pay attention, be alerted to such a new strategy initiated by Iran. It is so clear whom financing drug deals. They are also financing terrorism to destroy nations and exhaust the world's economies.

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Iran has turned into global smuggling center

As per Wikileaks document  published  on 12 June 2009 a secret messages issued by the US Embassy in Baku indicating that the quantities of heroin originating from Iran and exported to Azerbaijan increased from 20,000 kg in 2006 to 59,000 in the first quarter of 2009 The cable, based on confidential reports by the UN investigators charged with the file, confirmed that Azerbaijan was one of the main routes of exporting heroin to Europe and the West.

According to the American diplomats, 95% of the heroin in Azerbaijan comes from Iran, while the same quantity is exported from Azerbaijan to the European market, and Iran considered one of the largest producers of heroin in the world. .

Iran is using its influence in Iraq,in order to export drugs to neighboring countries, especially the Gulf states, the rest of the world and Europe, and with the help of Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers.

 As a  smuggling center in the world linking the production farms in Afghanistan and the consumer markets in other countries, exploiting neighboring countries in the smuggling operations, especially Azerbaijan, Iraq and the Gulf States.

Years ago, news reports revealed the discovery of smuggling operations by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards using Najaf airport to transport drugs from Iran & Iraq, and then smuggled to the Gulf countries, especially Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and for the purpose of funding some of its intelligence and espionage activities, That the civil aircraft of the Revolutionary Guards are not inspected by airport security officials, so facilitate smuggling operations to the Gulf States through this port and through other ports.

In a statement by former governor of Diyala-Iraq”  Omar al-Humeiri “ , confirmed that 90% of the drugs smuggled into Iraq originated from Iran, pointing out that the common border between Iraq and Iran are active by professional smuggling operations of various types of drugs, stressing the involvement of some Iranian officials in smuggling operations to sink Iraq and the Gulf States with drugs and addicts.

 Iran is one of the main corridors of Drugs movement to the rest of the world, as it is the neighbor of Afghanistan the largest country for the cultivation of drugs and production in the world, while Iran leads the smuggling process also benefiting from its strategic location in the middle of the world; to activate smuggling between international gangs in drug trade.

In Conclusion:

Iran evil strategy might take its continuous fight with Gulf states , USA & Europe to another level of  increasing exporting drugs as a way to cover up & finance its terroristic activities , also for sure will use its spots of allies like Yemen , turkey , Qatar  and Lebanon to facilities that kinds of dirty wars .

BY : Sherif Omar

Hostile Environment Security Consulting { HESC}

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