Part-2 The never ending source of terrorists { Religious schools-2}

Islamization of Turkish society: Justice & Development party focused on the  religious education as per reforms put forward by Turkish President  Erdogan, , the Board of Education is facing criticism for his proposal to make religious education subject is compulsory for young students, in addition to the expansion of private religious schools, and provide incentives for families to bring their children for religious education, which is subject to some associated with the ruling justice and development institutions.

Universities entry exam Has been modified in 2011 to exclude any discrimination is not in favor of Imam al-Khatib schools students , and to allow religious education at the age of middle school instead of being limited to high school students as in past , and forcing school and university students, whatever their religion or sect, to attend religious lessons mainly based on the Q’oran and the Prophet's biography learn.

In this context, the number of‘ Imam Khatib schools has been increasing by 73%, from 2011 to 2014, it’s the same school which Erdogan himself graduated from before.

 In the same context, EX -Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu condemned the decision issued by the European Court of Human Rights, criticizes religious education compulsory in Turkish schools, saying that the absence of this education could push the country towards extremism, similar to what is happening in Iraq and Syria.

 ISIL religious schools, researchers has pointed out to the exploitation and abuse of children as a way to secure the future of ISIL as an organization ,

ISIL organization to bring up a new generation, they are indoctrinated religious concepts since their joining in the schools, and in parallel with accession for training camps between the ages of 10 and 15 years, and emboldened them to violence, and studying some skills needed to serve ISIL GROUP.

On the other hand, ISIL has changed and deleted a number of educational materials and a focus on religious radical education only, by creating of so-called "Board of Education", in order to create new generations and emerging from the extremists, after the theoretical study and practical side starts, where large groups of children are subject to quotas of military training, each according to classification, and age, and the goal of being recruited.

 As it is documented in this morning's exercises, and taking pictures with children carrying heavy weapons, it is estimated that there are hundreds of schools are belongs to { al Qaeda and ISIL } in its different branches in Syria and Iraq, which means that the world will face a new generation of terrorists and extremists, more violent , making it more difficult to eliminate these organizations, because of its success in renewing their own sources of manpower from the new streams of children, who will grow up and will have the leading role in those organizations.

Religious schools in Libya: Because of the chaos witnessed in Libya after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, some informal religious institutes spreads in many cities inside Libya , Became the platform for launching of all radical and extremist ideas, particularly sectarian discrimination. Some members of these institutes have joined the ‘ISIL ‘ and other organizations, Even big number of those students pushed to join and participate in the fighting fronts within Syria, and back again to Libya.

 Tunisia, the finger-pointing directed to a number of " Quran kinder gardens " promoting religious extremism and industry in Tunisia, created by religious associations, which often operate outside the law, and is intended to graduation elite extremist inside the Tunisian society, which gives children an intensive religious dose of radical ideas which is not appropriate for their age, and treat them violently, those kindergartens adopting its reputation on the basis that children learn to read and write in Arabic, but it is based on violence as a method of education and teaching for these children, according to some of the many trends, in addition to instilling the idea of conflict and the clash between Islam and the other rather than cooperate, till the word Jihad stuck firmly in their minds, and the low cost is a powerful incentive for parents to enroll their children into these schools .

 Religious schools in Africa:

 in front of the spread of extremist ideas, either in North Africa or the West, For example the Mauritanian government has taken a number of decisions that will tighten procedures on religious schools, believing that these actions fall within the risk-planning policy through disclosure of funding sources, and the study subjects that is taught, and the identities of the workers in these schools.


 Nigeria ‘ Boko Haram group ‘ had based to religious education and declined to civil education, relying on the radical theories for a number of militants, such as Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, entitled: "Setting Fawares { Musketeers } leaders abandon the corruption of the schools," and other theorists of extremism, and within the foundations and principles of this regulatory prohibition of western education from school to university.

Boko Haram group uses preaching in mosques and Islamic schools in different parts of Maiduguri; where they are taking advantage of Islamic schools to promote violent and anti-state institutions for their ideology, has benefited from the expansion of religious schools owed to those regulation of loyalty, which is exploited by preacher Mohammed Yusuf, who founded a group Boko haram under the pretext of anti-corruption in the government and the neglect of the poor people, he managed to attract the oppressed and poor people .

to be continued ....... 

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