Part 2 - inside the dark side of terrorism { primary materials & Sources for producing IEDs }

Materials & sources used  in  producing IEDs

 1 fine crushed sugar - home use - common use

 2 yellow sulfur used by agricultural farmers or agricultural pharmacies - insecticide

 3 Vaseline from pharmacies -

 4 Solar (oil) - oil stations -

 5 Potassium permanganate - they get from  pharmacies - A powdered cleans wounds

 6 Chlorate Potassium - they get from School Laboratories or Matches

 7 Sawdust from the miners under or carpenter shop 

 8 Acetone concentrate 60%  used for nail polish remover  they get from pharmacies or cosmetic shops

 9- Oxygen water 50% concentrate . they ge tfrom pharmacies, used as antiseptic for wounds or hair coloring .

 10 Ethyl Alcohol Concentration 90% - from Pharmacies - Antiseptic for wounds or white asbestos

 11 Mercury Thermometers. –from Mirrors Industry – Dentists clinics

 12 Sulfuric Acid - Fire Water Concentration 75% is used in automotive batteries and if diluted in a stainless steel container or using a laboratory glass pot against the heat, it is best and evaporates until a quarter or until the color changes. The steam is so concentrated.

 13 Nitric Acid - 65% Gold Detector at jewelers shops

 14 Charcoal from homes – gardens

 15 Aluminum powder is purchased from the paint shops as it is or inside the cans of silver buoy is pouring the oil in the box and remains a silver deposit dried and grinded or from the aluminum workshops (aluminum foil) and comes in three forms a coloring paint in the form of dough.

16 ammonium nitrate from fertilizers companies


 18 Potassium Nitrate, used in coloring dyes and gunpowder industry

 19 Sodium chlorate vis used to print the black color on the cloths also used as a shrinkage inhibitor in the pigment

 20 Black Guns powder - Get it from the gun bullets

 21 naphthalene (phonic tablets) – shop sales detergents

 22 Paraffin (ordinary wax) - any shops

 23 Iron oxide - Paint shops and coloring dyes shops

24 Gasoline - Petrol stations

 25 Glycerin Oil is used in the manufacture of soap and pharmacies

 26 Methanol from alcohol derivatives is found in liquor factories after distillation process

 27 Glycol is used as a solvent in road paint companies or frozen blocker Water of the radiator is placed in the winter for the purpose of freezing the water of the car radiator - sold at the gas stations to concentrate it, placed over the fire leaves to boil and rise of heavy smoke is ready to work and if ignited we close the nozzle With a lid to prevent oxygen.

 28 Hexamine - used in medical laboratories for the manufacture of drugs that are used to treat urination patients

 30 sodium carbonate from grocery stores or pharmacies .

It took more than a week to gather it , cause its from different sources .different terrorist schools { jihad Islamic . isis , el Qaeda ......etc }  


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