Inside the Dark side of Terrorism { how they plan to kill using IEDs }

Methods of Camouflaging & Sealing IEDs

·The jihadi { terrorist } enters the market as a person who wants to shop and carry shopping bags (not in laser or business bags), has the package. Inside the bag ,  he puts the bag inside crowded  store acting like he wants to  buy new goods.

 Large packages can be put into the crowded markets by placing them inside large cans  or inside large balls and dragging them on a cart as a distributor of goods. This is after surveying the market, knowing the distribution times, the nature of the goods and the ways of entering it.

·The package can be placed inside the large cartons, such as those containing bottles of soft drinks, or similar and preferably the carton is new and written on the contents or drawn as is the case showing the trade mark .  Using  electrical devices carton boxes , such as  a  carton for a computer printer .

·The packaging can also be camouflaged in a 5 kg powder pack or any carton (plastic, plastic, etc.). The carton or container inside the packaging should contain logos and pictures indicating the type of material in the cleaning soaps }

·       How the do the above method :

 A-  Opening the container from the bottom and emptying the material from the container , { never open it from top so it seems that this container has been purchased now from one of the neighboring shops, and if  searched by security check point they will not think to open the container and see what is inside because it has a factory sealed cover .

 B. Place the package inside the container and then close it as it was.

 C. The container is loaded as it is without being carried inside a bag. If placed in a plastic bag, it must be transparent so that no one is suspected. Anyone who sees the container knows that it is a washing powder or a biscuit carton.

 D. TERRORIST enters the market as if he bought a pack of laundry detergent Soap in which the packaging is from another shop and wants to buy some other items, and then he can put it inside the shop he wants to buy and start searching for the goods he wants to buy. One, in a timely manner, leaves the place without quietly and without attracting attention

 ·      Operations within buses and bus stops:

1. If the operation is in a bus station and the plan was to carry out the operation inside the bus, it is best to be in the bag of Hand-Back or Samsonite.

2. If the plan to be detonated amid the gathering of the enemy inside the station can be put a large package inside a large travel bag provided that the bus station carrying passengers to remote areas where the presence of large bags looks normal . It is also possible to take advantage of the big bag if the process is to put the package in the place of luggage under the bus and then get off, not be a suicidal operation.

 ·Using car bombs to break into gatherings (open markets, open bus stops, closed markets, closed bus stops, etc.), provided that the explosives are distributed inside the car in accordance with the form of the assembly. Explosive fragments can be used in open and closed spaces

 ·Gas cylinders and indoor gasoline gallons can be used specifically to increase the impact of the package.

·The intrusion of open markets and bus stops is easier than breaking into closed markets and entering closed markets.  looking for the entrance from which you can enter the car, and here you have to fool the guards in case there are guards, by pretending that you want to stop the car in front of the entrance  gate for checking point and then put The speed switch on the low speed and then suddenly jumps into the market, killing & hitting  as much by the car . and the rest die by  explosives.

 ·      Third: Operations in public places , Restaurants, public departments, :

· If the operation is inside a restaurant, the package can be placed inside Hand bag  (on the shoulder) or inside the Samsonite bag, bearing in mind that the shape and the clothes  must be compatible with the Samsonite bag.

·If the operation is inside an official establishment such as mail, banks , post offices use Samsonite bag .

 ·         Use of the car bomb in the implementation (remote, timing)

 ·1. Put explosives in the doors of the car, in the front wing of both sides, or in the front or back, especially if it is plastic.

 2. The amount of explosives can be placed in the box with the presence of gasoline and gas cylinders.

 3. The explosives can be placed in the taxi signal that is lost on the surface of the vehicle. In this way, we ensure that the explosive fragments  are directed to the head, and that there is no barrier between the Fragments and the target because the taxi signal is plastic.

 4. Take advantage of putting the package inside  travel bag and install it on the upper surface of the car .

5. Using ball bearings placed inside the car and close to the glass, provided that the car glass is a black color glass and the car is a station or transit cause massive explosive fragment leads to many killed and injured ..

to be continued......

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