Hisham Ashmawi the Most Dangerous Terrorist in Egypt & Libya Had fallen

Libyan National Army forces arrested the Egyptian terrorist Hisham Ashmawi during a qualitative operation carried out by the army units in the district of Maghar in the eastern city of Derna .

with the help of Egyptian intelligence The Libyan authorities arrested  two months ago Egyptian terrorist Safwat Zeidan, one of the guards of the Egyptian terrorist Hisham Ashmawi in Derna,  Zidane confessions helped determine the locations of terrorist concentrations.

Background & Terrorist operations :

Al-Ashmawi was born in 1978 in Nasr City , Hisham al-Ashmawi, who was expelled from the Egyptian armed forces because of his extremist ideas, and was involved in a number of cases of violence and terrorism.  he involved in many terrorist operations inside Egypt, according to security sources :

 1-   Participated in the "Massacre of the Farafra ambush" on 19 July 2014, 22 soldiers were killed.

 2-   Participated in the "Third Arish Massacre", February 2015, which targeted the "101st Battalion", killed and injured 29 members of the armed forces,

 3-   Participated in the assassination of the  Attorney General Hisham Barakat,

 4-   Participated in the assassination attempt on the former interior minister, Major General Mohammed Ibrahim, and monitored the movements of the minister with 'Emad Eddin Ahmed', who prepared the explosive devices together with' Walid Badr' the executor of the operation.

 5-    In July 2015, "Ashmawi" participated in the bombing of the headquarters of the Italian Consulate  in central Cairo.

. As per  Libyan & Egyptian authorities terrorist Hisham Ashmawi had made detailed confessions about the terrorist organization's structure, his contacts with al-Qaeda the Islamic Maghreb and coordination with terrorist 'Mukhtar Belmokhtar' about extremist training camps.

Libyan source said that the terrorist Hisham Ashmawi confirmed the killing of al-Qaeda leader Sufian Ben Qammu in Darnah, pointing out that the terrorist Omar Rifai Sorour was killed in an air strike launched by the Libyan Air Force in the district of Al-Maghar, The latter was buried in a single grave with the terrorist Ben Qammu in a suburb of Derna.

Sources said that Ashmawi confessions confirmed the existence of terrorist fighters estimated at dozens in the central center of the Darnah city, adding that the Libyan terrorist 'Abu Bara' leads extremist groups trying to prevent the Libyan army forces to progress, revealing more than 50 injured and receiving treatment in one of the buildings in the city Darnah

Terrorist Hisham Ashmawi confessed to the terrorist attacks carried out by extremist elements in Egypt, how to obtain funding for the terrorist operations carried out in Egypt and Libya, and the training camps for those terrorists in the east of the country or in south-eastern Libya.

The Libyan source said that the terrorist Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, the legitimate mufti of terrorist groups, is in Derna. His role is to urge extremists to fight the Libyan army and prevent its advancing to the last strongholds of extremists in Darnah.

  Hisham Ashmawi's confessions would lead the Libyan authorities to parties financed by extremist groups in Libya and how to transfer those funds to the extremists in Derna and intermediaries who transfer the necessary funding to terrorist groups.

 Hisham Ashmawi's confessions revealed the alliance of evil among groups in African countries based in southern Libya, the work of the “Almorabten organization” with the branch of al-Qaeda led by” Mokhtar Balmakhtar,” and the most prominent leaders met by Hisham Ashmawi in the Libyan territory

Sherif Omar

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