Forms of Terrorism

I will discuss in this part forms of terrorism and methods

 forms of terrorism.

If you were to take all forms of terrorism is extremely challenging, there is no less than to address most of these forms that won the Good of the application in practice and in particular, to be able to identify the nature of each of them, and multiple forms and patterns according to the multiplicity of the researchers who took the phenomenon and the different intellectual backgrounds the reference and the angle at which each of them is seen by terrorism, some mentions various forms of terrorism without a specific standard-based, whereas enumerates some of the other forms of terrorism on the basis of various criteria, including: the historical norm and actors and scope of nature, adding to intellectual terrorism and psychological terror, and from our side we will address forms by looking him in three aspects: the actor and the objective, scope and then can be monitored in the forms:

Can be divided terrorism in terms of those who do are primarily two types terrorist states and terrorist individuals and groups, however overlap between the two species may occur, the state committed terrorism itself or through its support of some individuals or groups to weaken some of the other competing nations, and the terrorist groups if it succeeds in control the reins of power may continue to use violence and terrorism and  I will address the types as follows:

State terrorism:

Despite the dispute over the existence of state terrorism or lack of it, the opinion is stable on the existence of such terrorism topping the United States each year the list of the lists of countries supporting terrorism names, despite the fact that some people enter the state terrorism in the framework of more than a pile aggression terrorism but believes that State exercises its own or by groups acting on its behalf terrorism at home or abroad, and if the majority of scholars in favor of the existence of state terrorism, but they differed in the definition as  different images of its forms. Some identify it as the use of state of the means of violence regularly to provoke terror to achieve political goals and this goals may be power or suppress the opposition, Terrorism help the state to achieve some of the goals that fail to peaceful means for achieving them. State terrorism is also called white terrorism and include all movements and terrorist activities.

Multiple goals of the terrorist movements and can distinguish between the goals of this ideology and separatist goals, criminal and on the basis of that multiple forms of terrorism as follows:

Institution or institutional, or authoritarian terrorism since it preserves the legitimate authority or institutions have called terrorism or terrorism of the highest red but not all of the violence perpetrated by the so-called state terrorism, there are forms of official violence practiced by the state in the legal limits.

And some known state terrorism and displays an image despite an earlier rejection of the so-called state terrorism and is well known as: "The use of Government of the State to the extent dense and extraordinary violence against civilians to weaken or destroy their will to resist or rejection and photos of this terrorism are inside and outside the state. 

Domestic terrorism

 may be through abuse of power, such as acts of torture and inhumane treatment or arbitrary application of laws, which is also called the repressive terrorism, which will control the state control over some of the categories and revolutionary movements and be able to silence opponents through terrorist groups established by the state to sow terror in the the middle of a particular group of citizens or against the entire society on the external level state practiced terrorism in two forms: one direct and the other indirect, direct at the external level the picture is in these operations carried out by military units against civilians in other countries and so-called military terrorism is different from terrorism compulsive in terms of the goal, where terrorism compulsive aims to bring together the people to control it, while the military terrorism aims to disperse the people and weaken his control. 

The picture is to indirect state aid to terrorism and his groups such as the provision of arms and shelter to the other.

Individuals terror groups:

some called individual terror terrorism, insurgency and doubts as terrorism of the weak and suggests that the meaning of weakness is the lack of resources from resorting to terrorism largely on the resources they control , it does not reflect the times as far as reflecting the overly ambitious objectives and called this kind of terrorism, "terrorism from the bottom."

Terrorism ideological:

 It aims to achieve a particular ideology shared by organizers of him and warn themselves to accomplish, this terrorism was known in ancient times in the form of anarchist terrorism was March revolutionaries in Russia terrorism ideology to reach their goal of Bolshevik revolution in 1917, the revolutionary terrorism is a form of terrorism ideology  who preceded referred to, and may be terrorism ideology religiously like I knew the Middle Ages through the attempts to impose the loyalty and devotion of the Catholic Church in Rome and hits him another example of Islamic fundamentalism, which opposes all modern ideologies because they indicate the absolute truth and see it all-out war does not end until the achievement of its objectives, as they are integrated ideology of the individual and the state, while some believe that religious fundamentalism or Islamic terrorism even though they are based on ideology, but it is different from the ideological terrorism, which can be, for example, a Marxist in the political and social roots.

Terrorism, separatism:

 attributed to movements that used techniques of terrorism in order to achieve separation from the mother country and the recognition of political independence and the regional group or gender, it is called the national terrorism or regional level have found this type of terrorism has long been the opposite of liberation movements aimed at liberation from colonialism and get independence and exercise their right to self-determination which prompted the international community to recognize the legitimacy of their struggle, while the separatist movements not targeting the unity of the state and territorial sovereignty and thus not recognized by the international conventions because they are incompatible with the principle of unity of internationally region recognizing the State, and this kind of terrorism is limited on individuals and political groups do not imagine that God, the state exercised only indirectly, through the support of some separatist movements, which is based in original along ethnic or national features bloody violence and continuity and has a stretch between classes of people and the current exemplified  (LIRA) and ETA separatism in Spain demanding separation from Spain. There are no national or ethnic separatist movement was able to achieve its goals so far through terrorism or without use.

Terrorism criminal:

This type of terrorism motivated by selfish and personal, economic and social, and take multiple methods to achieve its goals, such as extortion, armed robbery and hostage-taking for ransom, sabotage and looting of money and property, and the practice of acts of trafficking in drugs and processes dirty, corruption and other money laundering, the same normal terrorism ….

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