Financing terrorism It’s a real professional business , it looks like a company has a project needs to finance it & loan money from bank , it has a process , steps , even brokers , Terrorist group or even a terrorist on his own has to prepare what I call it project ,  I will explain how ?

In General :

-This Project must state the location of terrorist operation which will be the country in disagreement with the financer, or a country which the financer has aims to create internal problems inside that country.

First step : project has to state the targets

1-   Human targets : alike politicians , army or police {officers ,soldiers } , famous religious spiritual  …ETC}

2-   Statically targets : like police stations , Parliament building , Train stations , Airports…Etc}

3-   Dynamic targets : normally they try to attack army or police Security installations in the streets or near Strategic places

Each of the above targets {Terrorist groups} has to provide as a list to be approved by the financer .

photo for : {A number of Turkish and Qatari weapons were seized in the Libyan city of Derna after the terrorists were arrested}

Second step :

- Once the targeted operation approved by the financer , terrorist group has provide an overall budget for the operation or list of their demands in order to execute the operation :

  1.  Material Required like IED’s , explosives
  2. -Armorers , 
  3. - Logistics requirements
  4. - Personal , 
  5. - Communications systems like Satellite phones ….etc }

photo for : {Turkish and Qatari weapons were seized in the Libyan city of Dernah after the terrorists were arrested}

Some groups they require liquid cash and they manage all the requirements of the process , but normally this kind of terrorist groups must had been dealt before with the financer . so there is a trust between them .  Or if there is difficulty for terrorist group to buy its requirements for the operation due to security reasons. they submit their requirement to brokers

Here comes the big role of the Brokers [ charity organizations , or NGO organization } belongs to the financier whom they work as a mediator between the financer and the terrorist group

- The financer provides grants or charitable donations to brokers

- Brokers in cooperation’s with smugglers using sea or land has to give those grants or donations which it could be cash liquid money or even sealed boxes full of explosives , equipment’s , guns , hand grantee …etc }

- Most of brokers has a liaison officer work closely to conduct those kind of logistic operation till it arrives the hand of the terrorist groups .

- Final Step : after the Terrorist group do the operations they have to submit full shoot film for the operation for the Brokers so they prove for the financer the success of the operation

the most strange thing most of this weapons { MADE IN USA } ???!!!

BY SHERIF OMAR - HESC {Hostile Environment Security Consulting LLC }

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