The Taliban created new ways of killing in the summer, in the form of bombardment by the Red Watermelon, according to information and pictures of Taliban militants as reported by the press.

 The pictures, published by Afghan journalists, showed the latest tactics to hide the Taliban's bombs in Afghanistan. A man opens a watermelon to hide explosives inside. So far, the use of melons as a kind of explosive has not been a known tool, although hiding the bombs inside different things is a tactic the Taliban used.

 Taliban militants have hidden mines inside the bodies of Afghan soldiers or even inside the bodies of dead dogs.

Bombs use other methods to pass through protected areas, hiding explosives in food-filled tins or inside Muslim holy book Quran .

TNT a chemical known by its scientific name {Tri-Nitro-Toluene}  which is an explosive in itself. Its chemical formula: C6H2 (NO2) 3CH3 .

- This substance does not explode by shock. It needs a detonator, does not absorb water In contrast to dynamite, it can be stored for a long time without diminishing its effectiveness.

- The TNT is used as a unit for the measurement of energy. For example, the energy of a nuclear bomb is measured by its equivalent of the explosion of a certain amount of TNT, "As toxic and absorbable from the skin. It was first manufactured in 1863 by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand, used by the German military  in World War I against British ships.


most important materials capable of producing a huge explosive capacity:

TATP material triacetone triperoxide , considered one of the most sophisticated explosives, is sensitive to impact,  It can be easily prepared using commercially available raw materials obtained from shops, pharmacies and cosmetic shops. They can be formed using acetone, hydrogen peroxide and a strong acid such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. In July 2005, bombs exploded across London. Investigators discovered that they contained TATP. In September 2009, Najibullah Zazi was arrested for trying to blow up the subway in  New York,

 Zazi bought the materials he needed for  TATP manufacturing from a cosmetics store, a home-made  shops and a Wal-Mart store.


C4 Is a highly explosive material that is manufactured in military installations. It has a large capacity to destroy the armors, according to military experts, the package, which weighs 2 kilograms of C4 equivalent if the explosion of 10 kilograms of TNT explosive.

It is an easy-to-form,  color light-gray detonator that dissolves in acetone and does not explode with ignition but needs a direct detonator.

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