“Illusion of the caliphate"

The Caliphate Era has finished , terrorism has changed a lot in the last 2 years , there is no control over the new generations of terrorists , its an illusion if we believe what media keep on saying day and night about the power of caliphate , the idea of terrorism’s caliphate had passed , The last terrorism caliphate { Baghdadi of ISIS } had demolished inside the desert between Iraq and Syria , even some intelligence reports said he is badly injured , surrounded by less guards and followers , he can not give orders or even show up at any mosque like he used to do before .

Aymen Al-Zawahiri of Qaeda are lost between the boarders of Afghanistan & Pakistan under Taliban ‘s protection , he just show up at some recorded videos , saying the same words he keep on saying in the last years , he is so weak now , he has no control over al-Qaida affiliates groups .

The Ottoman caliphate, has collapsed after the 1st world war , perhaps for the first time in its history without a "successor" and it been replaced with the "modern nation state." Although the caliphate is not in an Islamic religious and never been mentioned in the Muslims holy book { Quran } , some have never accepted the collapse of that 13-century of Caliphate ruling , believing it to be an Islamic origin. Which are totally wrong ideas.

I would give examples how the idea of Caliphate has been mis-used by terrorism . Since long time many of terrorism leaders has tried hard to establish the idea of Caliphate , collecting the spiritual and political power in their hands but all of them never achieved their aims ,

 for Ex : Muslim Brotherhood founder { Hassan Albanna } The first thing Banna did to announce his group was his letters to the kings and heads of state in Islamic countries , which he called it "the messages of light", which he wrote himself asking them several requests, including: «Reconsidering the methods of teaching girls at schools , also to separate between girls and boys at schools , To monitor the cinema films, to set the dates for the opening and closing of cafes , to monitor its customers , to resist harmful customs economically such as weddings, mansions, birthdays, holidays, and to consider any man set with a woman in privacy as a crime “

    Banna's first requests indicate his extreme personality. It is the same radical ideological approach that we still hear today from Salafi and Brotherhood group under the pretext of "religiosity." In the 1940s, Banna saw the return of the Caliphate from observing the people sitting in the cafes which indicates his narrow minded ideology and way of thinking.   

In order to achieve his aims , banna and his muslim brotherhood group began quickly involved in terrorist operations blowing up the Oriental Advertising Company, placing bombs in six police stations, the Brotherhood began to use weapons against their opponents, killing several citizens just because they have different point of view against them .       

Still till today date Muslim brotherhood acts as a terrorist group claiming they aim to establish the ruling of caliphate .

The Dream of Caliphate Between ISIS &Qaida        

In April 2013, al-Baghdadi announced the integration with al-Nusra front { al-Qaeda branch in Syria }, which was formed in Syria in late 2011 and became an important part of the Syrian equation by mid-June 2012, led by Abu Muhammad al-Golani. Under one banner, "But alnusra front group refused to integrate because of a number of ideological differences , al nosura front" fought in Iraq before and they realized that they made mistakes there using the" method of terror "and that it is better to reduce that" terror dose. "        

Abu Muhammad al-Julani was a crowned king on the throne of eastern Syria. He already has cities such as al-Raqqa and Deir al-Zour, and he was preparing for an attack on Idlib. But Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were already inside Syria, and many within Al- Nasra were loyal to him. So he began the new organization to impose itself, and then declare his dis-believe of revolution in Syria originally , then he declared the Caliphate,

This is a Caliphate, plus possess a land !,this is what they have been longing for almost 90 years, approaching it as never before, and as such people are controlled by their naive dreams, the organization has begun to attract its madmen from all over the world.

·        At the beginning, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader whom been hiding in the mountains of the Afghan-Pakistan border, tried to settle the differences, but Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ridiculed him. Al-Zawahiri ordered Baghdadi to comply, but Baghdadi refused and unilaterally declared his leadership ,

·       In June 2014, ISIS’s forces invaded western Iraq, dropped Mosul and Hawija, and large parts of Anbar. Most of the Sunni area became under its control. On July 6, 2014, Baghdadi appeared standing at the top of Al-Nuri mosque in Mosul, Iraq. For 20 minutes, and was presented under the name of "Caliph Ibrahim Amir al-mo’menen,"{ prince of believers } and focused speech Baghdadi on several axes, most notably the inauguration of an imam was a "duty on the Muslims have been lost for centuries."

Calipha was back then !, and the state of the caliphate was on the ground !, "wandering" people looking for their dreams! The 20-minute video clip spun fertile fantasies of wandering around the world. They began to migrate to the so-called "land of the Caliphate." Those who could not Migration is no problem,

In conclusion : There is no Caliphate anymore , the dreamers are still waiting , for another chance . True , there are wolves all across the globe waiting to act , to kill , alone with no orders from Caliphate .



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