Muslim Brotherhood are the biggest school for poisoned snakes & the real source of terrorism 

The connections  between Muslim brotherhood , Al-Qaida and ISIL 

What I am trying to say that Europe & USA should eliminate these group from taking more size and effect in Europe . as part of the war against terrorism


As Abdullah Azzam, the spiritual leader of the Arab Afghans he said in his book "Twenty years after the martyrdom of Sayyid Qutb": { QUTB is the spiritual leader for muslim brotherhood he wrote the most extremist radical books for jihadist }  "and who are pursuing change societies and the nature of thinking among the Muslim generation realize more than anyone else the clear fingerprints left by the writing of Sayyid Qutb and his pen in their thinking. And who entered Afghanistan realize the profound impact of qutb’s ideas  in the whole generation of radicalisms . " 


Zawahri, in a videotape prod casted  by a jihadist sites in January 2015, acknowledged that Osama bin Laden came out of the Muslim Brotherhood, said he was following instructions strictly regulation when he went to Pakistan. He added: "He was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and  the organization is the one who sent him to Pakistan when the Soviet invasion took place in a specific task, which is connected to the support of the Islamic group that are out there, and was instructed regulation him not to enter Afghanistan, but Osama violated the orders."

Sponsored literature Qutb all extremist groups were loose robe that came out of them Takfir wal Hijra group, Al Qaeda and Daesh and others,  fed them and their leaders, such as Ayman al-Zawahiri - al-Qaeda leader - who joined the Muslim Brotherhood since he was 15 years of age.

I can write more about that connection between Qaeda and Muslim brotherhood But I want to move to my main reason for writing that article , the poisoned snakes organizations inside Europe and USA 


Includes a list of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated entities, a large number of organizations that implement Brotherhood schemes abroad,

1-   «International Institute for Islamic thinking, Islamic CARE of America and the Union of Islamic Organizations in Europe

2-    the Muslim American Society, and the Revolutionary Council, Turkey, and the World Federation of Muslim Scholars,

3-   the Institute of Islamic Political Thought London, which is run by Azzam Tamimi, a international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, the Islamic Union in Denmark, headed by Samir Rifai, member of the International Union of Muslim scholars,

4-   the CIO, which is being handled by Ibrahim el-Zayat, a prominent figure in the international regulation ».

5-   The International Union of Muslim Scholars, an important arms that are exploited by «regulation» to serve his interests, as controlled by a large number of Brotherhood leaders, headed by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, president of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars,

6-    Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi, leader of Ennahda IN Tunisia one of the leading persons in muslim brotherhood organization ,

7-   Dr. Hammam Saeed, Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan,

8-    Abdul Wahab al-Dailami, a leader of the Brotherhood of the Yemen reform Party »

How muslim brotherhood Foreign arms acting and planning inside Europe and USA

. As for the history of the foreign arms goes back to the late sixties, when the Muslims students Associations in Western countries, especially the United States, one of the oldest Muslim Brotherhood affiliated entities launched by the Muslim Brotherhood abroad to permeate within Western societies, according to the site «Brothers Wikipedia» of the Muslim Brotherhood, and dates from the founding of the first Union in 1962, and derive those unions all of the mantle «International Islamic Federation of Student organizations», as the Brotherhood Muslim American Society, founded in 1993, an advocacy association working in the areas of advocacy, education, media, youth, and has around about 1,000 members . Began Brotherhood launch of Islamic institutions in the late sixties, including the Union of Muslim doctors in 1967, the Union of doctors and engineers Islamists in 1969, and the Union of scientific and social Islamists in 1972. In North America launched the Brotherhood's Islamic Waqf in 1973, the Islamic Medical, the Association of Muslim youth Arab Society, Muslims in North America and youth, and includes a list of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated entities also abroad, the International Institute of Islamic thought and take the reform of the intellectual and cognitive umbrella to its existence abroad and there are branches in America and around the world.

After a conference of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany in 1984, successively spread of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated entities abroad in a number of Western countries, to include dozens of organizations and places of worship in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway and others, where the Islamist group the Muslim League represented the group in Britain was founded, and then rolled dozens of organizations including a Muslim British «BMI», and Islamic organizations for relief, and the European Council for Fatwa and research, and the Union of Islamic organizations initiative in Europe, as well as the Islamic Society of Germany, which has become one of the most important Muslim organizations in Germany, also includes the Union of Islamic organizations in the Brotherhood's list France, which is one of the Islamic federations, and this organization derives its strength from a network of more than 200 association covers various fields of social life, according to a holistic view of Islam inherited from the «Muslim Brotherhood».

The United States one of the important countries that embrace the Brotherhood centers, and includes a number of Islamic organizations controlled by the organization, especially the organization «CARE» Islamic America », which took over the branch in the city of Los Angeles, Egyptian student responsibility Abdullah Assem, who is known in the media as« The little inventor  », ending obtaining political asylum to the United States of America, where this institution take the defense of civil rights and liberties of Muslim Americans or foreigners with umbrella procedures. And managed the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood control of a number of important positions in Europe, according to the statements for informational Ahmed Maslamani, former President of the Republic for Media Affairs Advisor, which he said that «the Muslim Brotherhood dominate the 720 mosques of the total in 2200 a mosque in France, as well as control of the Union of Organizations Islamic Europe in which the number of members exceeds 1000 organization. » In spite of the strong presence of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad, a number of entities abroad no longer exists and were liquidated, where he disappeared Two of the most important and oldest Muslim Brotherhood organizations, a «walked» Foundation and under the law in December 2000, although the group «description», the Foundation « York », which were part of this institution are still in operation without change or close, as the Muslim Council of American disappeared from the arena, especially after the arrest« perpendicular »immediately after being accused of terrorist events in 2004. the March council works through the Muslim American Society and the Muslim public Affairs Council . The inevitable result of the importance of these Islamic centers as a means of existence of the Islamic movements, conflict broke out between the Brotherhood and the Salafists and the rest of the Islamic currents abroad, to seize on these centers, as  tries to each side, according to an interview with Amr Building, a dissident Muslim Brotherhood, to impose its control over these schools,

however, the Brotherhood succeeded in control of 70% of those centers, the goal of the organization of the control of these centers is to attract new members of the Brotherhood were able to feed organization needed money in addition to their exploitation to penetrate universities through scholarships that are in abroad and frequency of these centers, we find that most of the faculty belong to the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood exploit these Islamic centers to seize donations Islamists abroad to be used as one of the organization resources, and still talk on the lips of architecture, unlike a number of the group's leaders are traveling to these centers to lecture them paid material.

I hope I wrote clear information about those snakes organizations operating in Europe and USA ,

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