Iran Strategy { 2005-2025 } : The Evil State : "Training centers for Terrorist Militias inside Iran"{part 2}

Training centers for terrorist militias

According to Iranian opposition, about the details of training camps and bases, including the Training Directorate of the Quds Force .special for training sectarian militia from Iraq ,Syria,Yemen,Lebanon and Afghanistan  

·        Imam Ali barracks in Kilo 20 at the Tehran Tehran - Karaj - Boulevard (aurdistan) End of the Sarwan street  and there are several barracks of the Revolutionary Guards.

This barracks is located within a large group of barracks in the south-east section, with an area of about 100,000 square meters (350 in 330 meters).There is another section of this group called the "Mustafa Khomeini" barracks, which is especially for the logistics section of the barracks (Imam Ali) and has a separate gate for entry and exit.The Iranian resistance has so far monitored 14 training centers in this Directorate,

·        Organization and leadership

The Commander of the Directorate and Training Group of the Quds Force Brigadier General Rahimi is one of the veteran commanders of the Quds Force, which is linked to Qasim Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force. He was commanding this group until 2015 for several years Brigadier Rahimi. he followed  Brigadier General Khusro Aroj, who is currently an adviser to the commander-in-chief of the IRGC, was formerly the commander of the Lebanese Guard. He had close ties with Hezbollah and was a friend of Imad Mughniyeh.

·        Training in Imam Ali's barracks:

This barracks, in addition of being the headquarters of the Directorate, is also one of the main training centers for this Directorate. The training context in two phases:

About 45 days and for a short period. The aim of these exercises, especially for Syrian mullahs agents , is to employ them in military missions, similar to the activities and activities of the Iranian Basij forces.

There are also full military training with specialized courses for those who are employed by the Quds Force permanently. Full military courses are opened, in addition to specialized courses as well as terrorist courses of between 9 and 12 months.

·        Training in terrorist acts

Special units of the Quds Force receiving training in separate and secret  places on terrorist acts , then distributed according to countries in the North Gulf, Asia, Africa or Latin America. Those  terrorist receives  training  in isolated locations. They are in a private housing unit inside a barracks (Imam Ali) that can accommodate numbers ranging from 10 to 100 individuals.

Over the past few years, the Quds Force has brought in a number of its Latin American mercenaries, including Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, to receive these trainings at Imam Ali's barracks.

In the case of these individuals, the maximum confidentiality was applied, and these individuals were isolated from others and their presence was strictly confidential. The training officer for these group is Colonel Tahmasbi.

Other training centers belonging to the Qods Force

- A center located in Tagrish called the Imam Ali College - theoretical training

- Badende Boramin Center - City drills

- Center Amal (Malek ashtr camp) - Training to live within difficult conditions in the forest

- Samnan Center - Practical training to launch the missile

- Mashhad Center (north-east of Iran) - Training center for Afghan groups

- Bazuki barracks: special training of Afghan groups with the aim of sending them to Syria at all

- Lushan special barracks for special training

- Jamran special barracks to train Afghan elements to send to Syria

- the axis of Massad hawaey - training of commandos

- Abadan City - diving training and maritime

- Ahwaz City - Maritime exercises

- The axis of Qeshm Island

- Shahriar barracks

Plus more training camps inside Lebanon , Iraq .Syria ,as per the sources of Iranian opposition


to be continued

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