It revealed recent years an increase in cooperative interactions between some of the countries of the world and between terrorist organizations and armed radicalism in various hot-spots of the world especially the Middle East ,

which raises the question about the nature and patterns of convergence between some countries and those organizations, as well as the reasons that led to the occurrence of this convergence, as well as positive repercussions and negative repercussions not only on the political and security levels, but also to influence the country's reputation in the global and regional tropics.

In this regard, the multiple and overlapping convergence between some countries and terrorist organizations patterns, so that the division of countries in this context, among supplying countries to organizations either with money or weapons or fighters, and the operations and the hot-spots of the central conflicts, and the crossings and transit corridors and transit for terrorist organizations in order to move to the concentration areas terrorist organizations, knowing that there are some of those patterns can interfere, so play the role of some states than in parallel.

Physical and human supply countries
Terrorist organizations supplying countries are divided in particular the organization of the Islamic State "Daesh-ISIL" to the two countries,

first; represented in those countries that provide financial support and Logistic & militarization of the organization, while the other, they are the ones that provide the organization of the fighters who are engaged in battles next to regulation in areas fight them in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

1. Financial supply countries and logistics & armaments: it has spread significantly many international reports and statements by senior officials in a number of countries in the region reveal the involvement of some countries in the financing of terrorist organizations operations, both direct financial support or even by providing weapons to terrorist organizations working on the ground,

• [ where directly it accused Qatar by Major General Khalifa Haftar as supporting the armed groups by sending shipments of arms to them in particular to organize the "Fager- Libya," specifically in Misurata city, which lies nearly a hundred miles east Libya.]
• [ Also to the accusations against Turkey to provide logistic support to organize Daesh- ISIL specifically in Syria through the Turkish-Syrian border to help overthrow Bashar al-Assad's regime, which tried many Turkish officials exile led by Ahmet Davutoglu-EX- Turkish Prime Minister -, which confirmed in an interview with  "BBC"   that "the allegations of Turkey's support for terrorist groups, not out of him or his country does not support Daesh-ISIL nor any affiliated group at all"]
• [Some of Gulf countries support logistically directly to some of the armed groups as [ Elfateh-army] whose main consists of several organizations like
And the aim is fighting Bashar al-Assad's regime .]

3- where fighters & jihadist comes from ??
• Tunisia come first in exporting fighters [ 3,000 fighters] , 
• fighters from Saudi Arabia in second place, accounting for 2500 fighters,
• Morocco came in third place with 1500 fighters.
• several reports and estimates indicated the presence of nearly 500 fighters from Uzbekistan, 360 of Turkmenistan, 190 of Tajikistan, 155 Kyrgyz in Syria
• nearly 1,700 Russian fighter in the ranks Daesh-ISIL according to statements made by Alexander Bortnikon-President of the Russian Federal Security Service.
4- Those numbers of fighters will increase the ability not only to survive in the face of counter-terrorism efforts in particular alliance international, but also his superior ability to stretch and expand in the three circles both his inner circle in al-Sham, or the North African countries of the region, or even central Africa, especially Nigeria.

to be continued ..... 

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